Monday, November 5, 2018

19 35 44 45 71 | Drew Brees beats the Rams 45-35, and improves to 4-5 all-time against the Rams (as predicted)

As predicted, the Saints would beat the Rams, and it would be all about the number 45, with Drew Brees becoming 4-5 against the Rams all-time.  Low and behold, they won with 45-points.

Also pointed out, is that it would be a Catholic ritual, paying tribute to 2001, where the Rams earned their first loss of the season against the Saints.

Notice the Saints improved to 7-1, like 71, and the Rams lost with 35.

As I also mentioned, this game was a span of 44-days from the Pope's birthday, who the Saints have been synced up with time and time again, and Goff and McVay would be held to 19 career wins.

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