Tuesday, January 10, 2017

98 | Derrick Rose's MIA incident, January 9, 2017, was 98-days from his October 4, 2016 birthday +DIDN'T HE HAVE A '98 SHOE?'


On January 9, 2017, Derrick Rose was MIA.

1/9/2017 = 1+9+20+17 = 47
1/9/2017 = 1+9+2+0+1+7 = 20 (Death)
1/9/17 = 1+9+17 = 27

10/4/1988 = 10+4+19+88 = 121 (Revelation)
10/4/1988 = 10+4+(1+9+8+8) = 40 (Basketball)
10/4/1988 = 1+0+4+1+9+8+8 = 31 (Basketball)
10/4/88 = 10+4+88 = 102

This incident came 98-days from his 28th birthday.  He has name gematria of '98' as well.

Derrick Martell Rose = 89/98/206



  1. Derrick Rose did have the 98 commercial:



    1. When's your death date then? I'll mark it on my calendar in advance. Throw a big party in celebration of the Obese Gary Grinberg.

    2. So whats the beginning of WW3 it's not like you can bet on it. But you better know the end date like me or your a fraud!

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  3. Derrick Rose one of my favorite players in the league. Since the ACL injury in 2012 he has never been able to come back.

    "Torn ACL" in English Sumerian equals 498(4+9+8=21 or 12)For-2012
    Date of ACL Injury- 4/28/2012 (4+2+8+2+0+1+2=19)
    The 19TH prime is "67".
    Since ACL 2012 injury he's had "19" add'l recorded injuries.
    The divisors of "67" equal "68"(or 98)(67+1=68)

    "Twenty Eight Years Old" in the English Reduction system equals 93
    "Twenty Twelve" in the English Reduction system equals 50
    The divisors of "50" sum to "93"(1+2+5+10+25+50=93)
    "He's OK" in the English Gematria system equals 193
    "Derrick M Rose" in the English Gematria system equals 516(or 156)
    "Twenty Eight " in the English Ordinal system equals 156
    The 156th prime is "911"
    Joakim Noah" in the English Reduction system equals 43
    The 43rd prime is "191"
    "Family Emergency" in English Ordinal system equals 161(or 191/911)

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  5. Rose has played 33 games this season, missing 4 earlier in the season.
    He wears ORANGE 25.
    He moved from Chicago to New York this season (like presidency)

    Make Amurica Orange Again!

  6. He was no 1 in Bulls, when he represented Obama's presidency.
    Now he is orange no 25, when he starts representing Trump's presidency.

    1. 25
      Trump 7th president from New York

      Barry first black president
      first from hawaii (supposedly)

      Rose drafted first overall by Chicago in year 2008, 08-09 his rookie season, same year barry started.

    2. iivarii, Great connection. What do you think is happening with Rose? There is a list of players that come to the NY Knick's and end up having a disastrous career or familial tragedies or both.

    3. Thanks.
      Sorry, no idea yet. Let's figure it out!

    4. Maybe just ROSE to power.
      Funny little thing and that's it..

  7. Hahhaa!!

    Yesterday, COINCIDENTALLY, washington post said to out trump based on the 25th AMENDMENT.


  8. Also,
    Trump = 25th term republican president,
    if you count in Democratic-Republican presidental terms.

  9. Trump settles a lawsuit with $25 million.

  10. Derrick Rose had a 'family emergency' in Chicago last night,
    because Barry was giving his final speech there. And he is still the sitting president.

  11. Great work iivarii!

    So Trump and Brady both have 25 attached

    Brady has 22 playoff wins "master builder"
    If he wins the SB he's at 25 wins on 2/5!

    Trump is a Yuge Brady fan and will be in the owners box Super Bowl night.

    You follow the Trump trail.

    BtW Super Bowl 25 was Giants vs Bills

    Whitney Houston Super Bowl halftime in Tampa! Lol

    1/27/91 Look at the score bills 19 giants 20

    Date could be written 1/9/ 10 or 911 !

    19+20=39 NY=39

    Phil Simms 11 Scott Norwood #11 =22

    Wide right=103/618/1122

    1122! Lol

    Super bowl was 25 years ago!

    1991 bulls first NBAchampionship
    Record 61! And 21
    Beat the lakers 4-1!!! 14/41

    Magic Johnson had HIV 25 years ago.

    1. Thanks.

      Yep, gonna be very surprised if Pats dont win it.

    2. magic Johnson never had aids he was paid 100 million to be the poster boy for aids there is video of him donating blood from a couple years ago

  12. As 27 year old celebs often die or have poor seasons/career years(Cam Newton/Gronk), 28 year olds are Clowns.

    1. You mean tarot clowns or something else?


    2. I don't study a whole lot of Tarot, so I can't be sure about that, but many celebs hit a "killer clown" phase around the age of 28, wherein they are still enjoyed but are publicly mocked, scrutinized, or just plain disapproved of by their public actions.

      Heath Ledger was 28.
      Robert Downey Jr turned 28 just after the success of Chaplin and his fall from grace came soon after.
      Brittney Spears was 28 in 2010 when she had her infamous breakdown.
      Margot Robbie is currently 26 but will be 28 by the time het solo Harley Quinn movie comes out.

    3. And often, if you read an article about a clown or a celeb acting clowny, you will see it is posted at :28 minutes after the hour or on the 28th of the month or it will involve a 28 year old in some fashion. Still trying to figure the 28 out.

      I have even noticed that lately Adele, 28, has been wearing more rouge then she used too. Rosy red clown cheeks.

    4. Clown=67, Clowns=86

      Two sacrifice numbers. And because they love to code the entire world, guess how many species of clown fish there are??

      There is also a bumper sticker I have seen that says Maximum Capacity: 28 Clowns.

    5. Stephen King's It takes place in 2 time eras. 57-58 and 85-86. 28 years inbetween.

    6. So we should expect, for example, Jadeveon Clowney (23 now) to start properly "clowning" when he is 28.

    7. Lol. Now I'm just fucking around, but even Bobcat Goldwaith was 28 when he made Shakes the Clown in '90, it released on 8/28/91, and was 1 hour 28 minutes long.

  13. Otis Anderson #24 MVP

    University of Miami round 1 pick 8

    Rushed 21 times for 102 yards or 33

    DOB=1/19/57 he's 59

    Super bowl was 8 days after his bday.

    Both teams were 13-3

    Giants held the ball for 40 minutes 33 seconds

    Frank Gifford USC legend and giants Hall of famer #16 on the giants was one of the announcers

    Frank Gifford was honored in SB33 giants 1958 team

    Jim Kelly #12 has cancer=44

    Lost 4 Super Bowls

    DOB 2/14/60

    He played for university Miami
    HOUSTON Gamblers
    Buffalo Bills

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  15. Obama 50 minute speech


    I think the next 911 is in Chicago!!!

    Grant Park Chicago cube
    Astor place NYC cube

  16. Have you thought about this:

    25 --> 2/5 --> 1 1 /5 --> 1 5 1

    five tying the two ones together in the middle

    How to construct 25 with your code pattern - maybe like this

    (12/21) + (13/31)

    (1 2 1) + (1 3 1)

    Add outside numbers (ones) together and inside numbers together (2+3), and you get

    2 5 2

    or just 25
    (or 25/52)

    1. That way you get 25 to link with 45.

      2 5 2 --> 2 2 /5 --> 4/5

      Trump the 45th president.

  17. If you're thinking cubes,
    50 min speech could also be just 5,
    because 5 cubed is 25.

    1. Great way to break the numbers down.

      Are they just a Welcome for Trump?
      Signaling something will happen ?
      Or is it a sub language to communicate
      In secrecy to each other?
      Why are events 25 years ago relevant today?
      Seems like we're always LATE when the tragedy happens lol.

      Transformers had one of its movies in Chicago
      Not sure which one. I remember mark walhberg was in it. Chicago was invaded. They were hiding the Spark cube to energize a Portal lol

    2. That's why stories/narratives are important.
      Until someone can figure out the matrix completely,
      one just gets lost in the bits and pieces.

      So at least for now, I follow the stories.

    3. For whatever reason, everything is linked to
      TRUMP now.

    4. 5 is the number of death and fortress. So draw your own conclusions.

  18. Also,
    John WALL washington wizard won the game against bulls from obama chicago.

  19. Replies
    1. Are you just throwing that out there? Back it up with some proof because that seems very unlikely

  20. Can't Stop George is a Shill and You guys aren't even warm on this decode. Just a bunch of wasted hot air. Start thinking for yourselves. Expand beyond Zach's work or you'll always be purposely denying yourself information.

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukW66uXM_8Q

    2. Rose was a memphis TIGER.

    3. From wikishit:

      "Rose led the Memphis Tigers to the most wins in NCAA history (a 38-2 record), their first number one ranking in 25 YEARS, and an appearance in the NCAA Championship game.

      In 2009, an NCAA investigation revealed that Rose's SAT scores had been invalidated, and as a result, the NCAA vacated Memphis' entire 2007–08 season"


    4. What's up coca85

      I agree with you.. have said this many times over.

    5. 9.8. 9+8=17
      9.8 ozs is .61% of a pound.
      For some reason it reminds me of the pound of flesh line from Merchant of Venice. Spoken by SHYlock. Chi.

    6. In 1998, the family of the late Roger Maris goes to Busch Stadium to witness Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals break their father's record with a 62nd home run. Maris' widow, Pat, is hospitalized due to complications from arrhythmia and watches the game on television from a hospital bed.

      Decades earlier in 1961, Maris is presented with the Most Valuable Player award for the 1960 baseball season, but Mickey Mantle remains the New York Yankees' superstar. Mantle starts off hot while Maris struggles. Maris suspects he may be traded, but new manager Ralph Houk has Mantle and Maris switch places in the Yankees' batting order to see if it helps. It does, and Maris begins to hit home runs at a record pace. Mantle keeps pace and it becomes clear that both "M&M Boys" will make a run at Babe Ruth's record of 60 homers in one season.

      Mickey's life off the field is taking a toll on his playing. He drinks, enjoys the Manhattan nightlife and arrives at the ballpark hung over. More than once, pitcher Whitey Ford has to bail him out or sober him up. To keep Mantle out of trouble, Maris and teammate/roommate Bob Cerv invite him to move in with them in a modest home in Queens, with one condition: no women.

      New York's fans and media pull for the popular and personable Mantle, a long-time Yankee. The quieter Maris is viewed as an outsider, aloof and unworthy. As the two men close in on the record, MLB Commissioner Ford Frick, who also happened to be Babe Ruth's admirer and ghostwriter, makes a decision: unless the record is broken in 154 games (the same number Ruth played in 1927), the new record would be listed separately from Ruth's record, because MLB has just begun using a new 162-game season. Contrary to popular belief, and the movie's title, there was never any "asterisk" involved or mentioned in real life.

      It appears Mantle is not going to make it; his health deteriorates and he plays in constant pain. Maris, meanwhile, is unaccustomed to such a high level of public scrutiny and is uncomfortable interacting with the media, who dissect and distort everything he says or does. The fans heckle Maris and even throw objects at him on the field. Soon he begins receiving hate mail and death threats. His wife lives far from New York, usually available only by phone. The stress becomes so intense that Maris' hair begins to fall out in clumps. The Yankees owner also tries to favor Mantle by asking Houk to switch Mantle and Maris in the batting order, but Houk refuses, because the redesigned lineup has been winning a higher percentage of games.

      Chronic injury and alcohol abuse catch up with Mantle, and an ill-advised injection by a doctor infects his hip and lands him in a hospital bed. With Mantle gone from the lineup, the stage becomes set for Maris. He fails to break the record in the 154th game of the season, but he does finally hit the record-breaking 61st home run during the final game of the 162-game season.

      According to a voiceover (by long-time Yankee Stadium public address announcer Bob Sheppard), during the end credits, no asterisk was ever officially placed next to Roger's feat, due to separate records being created for the 154 and 162 game seasons. It is revealed that in 1991, six years after Roger's death, baseball's then-Commissioner Fay Vincent decided that a season is a season and separate records would no longer be kept, leaving Maris as the lone record-holder.

    7. 61

      Super Bowl 25 in 91

      Billy crystal big Cubs fan from NY

      Busch stadium

      Mark McGwire wore #25!!!

      He played in Oakland

      The snitch was Jose conseco #33!

      They were known as the BASH Brothers

      Klay Thompson and curry Splash brothers lol

    8. What's up is I think Harry Butts Works with Zach too. I don't trust anything except truth.

    9. Why you need to trust anyone or anything?
      Just figure stuff out yourself.

    10. Because Deception is working against Truth and Should not have a Platform.

    11. It has and will always have a platform.
      Doing your own thinking and observing allows you to see through the noise, the bullshit.

      Trying to get rid of all deception out there
      is the definition of fighting against windmills.

  21. Btw,

    Bush Clinton Trump
    are all 70 years old.

    like trump will be in inauguration.

    1. Barry the tranny fucker is 55.

    2. 777=Tower in LA, my office lmao

      Hope we're not on the list!

    3. 2017 is year 5777 in jewish calendar


      get your 25/52 and 15/51 in the same package.

    4. Makes sense now, Zionist bullshit code .

      Was losing sleep over it

  22. Just go take a look at derrick rose's wiki page.
    It is littered with 25!

    Rose SAT out the entire obama re-election season.
    Just like memphis' entire season was vacated in obamas first election, because Rose's SAT was taken by someone else.

  23. Ezekiel Elliot reported in minor crash in Frisco, Texas

  24. It's all stupid anyway. The Seahawks will lose even they have a top 5 corner back..but the pack will win their game with no corner backs..it's all nonsense....that's the first time I've ever typed that word knowing it fits perfectly to what I just described..it's just nonsense. Who in the fuck believes you win a game with no freaking corner backs against 3 of the best receivers in the league? I've been kicked off at least 10 forums the last 2 years because no one fucking gets it and takes it personal like you insulted a family member. Hell, I was even kicked off a fucking math site forum because they tried to defend the probability of teams succeeding because they thought sports were real lol even math nerds believe 8n the impossible

    1. There's a reason why major money leagues are called
      'The Show'.

      In your face.

    2. I disagree with you're statement ram, and you are usually wrong with your picks.
      The games are rigged for sure.

      Teams that miss the playoffs usually don't make the playoffs the following season like the Colts .

      All the players in the NFL especially if you made the 53 man roster can perform great in any game.

      21 butler from NE is an example

      Houstons Savage just threw for 300 yards

      Matt Cassel won 11 games never started at USC and never started in the NFL

      Back in the day Jeff hostler won a SB for the giants as a back up.

      Look at the career Kurt warner had undreaftec

      Ram you brag about football knowledge but you don't have any!!!

      If you need Lessons, I will be here all year for Free.

      You deserve to be kicked OFF!

    3. Russell Wilson a 4th rounder went to TWO Super Bowls..

      Miami dolphins used a back up in the Undefeated season

      Ram who the Fuck are you trying to fool??

      Tried being nice to you but you're the TROLL here

    4. ram is a useless tipster, i remember this halfwits arrogant comments throughout the regular season and boy was he wrong 90% of the time. fuck off ram you pleb

    5. Harry is right. The notion that a starter or even a bunch of starters are out will effect the quality of the team is a hoax. Announcers and the narrators love to rub that one in as they deliver the hoax.

    6. If he is wrong 90% of the time let him stick around and fade him.

  25. So Phil Jackson is PJ
    And derrick son is also named PJ


    PJ= Peanut butter &Jelly
    PJ= Pajamas ... night night Zionist
    PJ Tucker= Suns player is ripe age for death!
    PJ Brown= ripe age for sacrifice! 47

    Anyone I missed ?

  26. Name Rose is also a nod to Rosicrucian stuff.

  27. The notion that EVERYTHING in sports is rigged, EXACTLY in a certain way, ALWAYS succeeding PRECISELY as planned,

    is absurd.

  28. Equally absurd would be to claim that no rigging WHATSOEVER, of ANY KIND, has ever occured in sports/entertainment.

  29. If you are making entertainment, let's say a movie, there are more and less relevant things you want on film.
    Some important things you want going pretty much exactly according to your 'filming plan'. For other things it doesn't really matter - why waste effort on irrelevancies.

    For christs sake, try to put a shirt on "perfectly" according to a certain, specific, pre determined plan. Not gonna happen.

    Nothing can be "perfectly" & "completely" rigged.

    Sorry for preaching.

    1. "If" I were to be "making" entertainment, let's say a movie, there would be absolutely NOTHING I would consider irrelevancies. Every image, color, background, outfit, would be exactly to my vision.

      So, yes, my movie would be "perfectly" & "completely" rigged to my vision and liking.

      On a side note I HAVE personally made entertainment, such as music, and not a single detail was ever over looked or considered "irrelevancies"..... it was either relevant or it didn't make an appearance on my entertainment. Period.

      So this idea you are trying to pass on that Hollywood has room for irrelevancies in their work is beyond absurd and simple minded.

    2. Exactly. Just wanted to see what happens.

      See 85CocA, people here do think for themselves.
      Took less than half an our for me to be corrected.

    3. One difference is that football game is live in front of an audience instead of prerecorded and edited like a movie.

    4. So our plays and wrestling matches. Just consider football practice rehearsal.

    5. Yes, rehearsals indeed.

      "But Milord, they practice behind closed doors so that the opponent doesn't learn their plays..."

    6. I wonder why they DRAW UP every play...

      "But Milord, it's called tactics.."

    7. You mean the teams get together and practice the next game. Didn't Malcum Butler say he knew the play call in his Superbowl interception.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Of course he knew it.
      Bench players play the opposition's roles if the other team is not around to rehearse.

  30. 98 is in the Rose commercial because it fits with Clinton who was president then.

    98 --> Rose is 10 years old --> Clinton is president.
    Clinton from Arkansas, Rose will come to play college ball in Memphis, Arkansas

    2008 --> Rose is 20 years old --> Obama president
    Rose plays in Chicago, Obama's city.

    2018 --> Rose is 30 years old --> Trump president
    Rose plays in New York, Trumps city.

    1. 1988 --> Rose born in Chicago
      Reagan president, from Chicago

      This guy is presidency teller!

    2. Rose born year -88 with 88 days left on the year.

    3. Knicks in the finals this year?

    4. Nah, don't think it means that.

  31. Btw,

    1/20/2017 = 121 OR 112 OR 211

    That's why they have been showing a lot.


    1. Please watch this. Stop being a fool :)


  33. sea hou dal kc since russell wilson entered the nfl he is 8-3 in the playoffs the lions were 7-12 now 7-13 atl is 7-12 now sat they will b 7-13 713 area code = houston texas wilson is the future qb face of the nfl all the old qbs lose the week no nfl team hosting nfl made it to superbowl they lose 1st playoff game texans won this is 97 season texans finished 9-7 #13 #34 are key numbers for superbowl

  34. also wilson singned 87 -88 million dollar contract he was paid like top qb luck got the same because they came same year luck 1st rd wilson 3rd theres your 1&3 =13 dis will b 3rd superbowl in 4 yrs =34 oh yea brock wheres 17 he wanted to lead broncos to superbowl he will the texans he came back week 17 he played for the team seahawks beat sea lost to patriots who the texans play

  35. Harry, your obviously still new to this turning over a new leaf bullshit and you have a lousy memory. I haven't been usually wrong. I did in fact pick the Giants,Falcons,packers,Raiders, to make the playoffs this year before it started and I picked the Bengals and Panthers to not make it. No, the fact is you are still thinking like a dumb ass fan if you buy the Packers getting this far. Don't tell me you have lost 4 corner backs to injury and your best wide receiver and you win a playoff game. I was top 6 out of a 60 man pickem this year and top 5 in the majority of others to test my theory about fake pro sports. And I was consistently that high previously when I thought it was real which means I have incredible reading comprehension and thinking skills.
    I was showing a moment of weakness,honesty and frustration you pinhead. You don't immediately go negative on that. Furthermore I've been champion twice in a friends college fantasy pickem we've done for 10 years. I am usually right. Shut up and learn your place when addressing elders. You're the one on a short leash after being a purposeful dick for 3 months.

  36. Harry..I have more football knowledge than you. Shut the fuck up. You didn't discover the inconsistencies with the afl vs nfl team. I did.you didn't look up the relations between building new stadiums, getting new owners and moving..all leading to winning games as rewards. I did. I have studied sports history on a deeper level without even trying hard that you never even thought of looking up. Learn to warm up to people better.

    1. see this arrogance... "i have more football knowledge than you" people like you are the biggest fuckwits. "i know the most about football out of anyone guys" shoot yourself in the head cunt

  37. harry did ride alabama just the other day fwiw

  38. Lmao at the two clowns GTFO!!!

    The facts are there idiot... go away

  39. Zack time to give ram his participation trophy

    And His bottle... I think he's drininking Clorox
    It's made him think he's an XFL GM

  40. Harrybutts106January 11, 2017 at 3:35 PM

    Zack time to give ram his participation trophy

    And His bottle... I think he's drininking Clorox
    It's made him think he's an XFL GM
    you havent learned your place. seriously you stupid jack ass, i was honest with you and you still smart off instead of apologizing? I was the first one to try and give a chance. Dont fuck with that you idiot. I was the one who was nice to you till you kept rambling. You arent a mature adult by any stretch of the imagination if you keep this up after saying you'd lighten up. You are outsider,not Me. lighten the fuck up and apologize for insulting me. fuck it, you're just another dumb ass american. Your name proves that with your 3rd grade bathroom humor

    1. why should he apologize to you? you arrogant piece of shit

  41. Hb, I disagree with what u said about ram usually being wrong about his picks...he is always wrong about his picks...I often wonder if he is a Vegas insider giving out false info on purpose, but if so, he would have to be right at least 30% of the time...worse handicapper ever is Ram

  42. Many people think the pats will win SB cuz of trump connection to Brady...let's not forget Chicago Cubs relation to Hillary...that said, proudly gonna be the pats but looks too obvious...unlike the Colts which looked unobvious...for a reason

  43. I don't think Cubs championship had anything to do with Hillary.

    It's not about Trump either. He is just playing his part in the story.

    The story-(propaganda)-line is,
    Make america great again.

    Old and new at the same time ("back to the future")...
    Great and not-great simultaneously...
    Powerful but weak/threatened at the same time...
    This and that opposites...
    This and that mind wars against this and that...

    Cattle lost in the dead ends of all these Paradoxes.
    Welcome to the real 1984.

  44. Ryan SettaniJanuary 11, 2017 at 5:02 PM

    Hb, I disagree with what u said about ram usually being wrong about his picks...he is always wrong about his picks...I often wonder if he is a Vegas insider giving out false info on purpose, but if so, he would have to be right at least 30% of the time...worse handicapper ever is Ram
    lol at saying 'always'. i ALready explained the details of my history. I am often right or I wouldnt say what I said in the first place. I do in fact know more than anyone here about sports history and patterns,especially if you are trying to dispute me while being in your 30s or younger.
    its not arrogance in the slightest. I obviously know more than a majority. I obviously no more than anyone who thinks its real. I obviously know more than kids relying on the gematria with no sports knowledge at all.
    You are choosing to put emotion behind flat words on a screen when I havent made fun of a single person except Harry. I'm the one who keeps having to remind you we are on the same team. No one harmed you people. Get over your childish emotions.
    respect your elders or you are no better than the rest of the world who has no clue about reality.

  45. Ryan thanks, finally someone else realized that Ram is full of himself and cannot dispute the facts presented that volunteered his point.

    Apologize for what??? GTFO

  46. Replies
    1. Pick your fights, General.
      You have more important things to do.
      Like figuring out how to know the winner of EVERY SINGLE GAME beforehand.
      Let's do it!