Wednesday, July 10, 2019

25 52 67 86 | The death of Mandla Maseko, 'Spaceboy', July 6, 2019, from a 'motorbike crash'

Notice he died July 6, the 187th day of the year, and a date that can be written 6/7, like 67.

He died in a motorbike crash...

They called him 'Spaceboy'.

 ALSO, he died on a date with 25 numerology, 52-days before his birthday.

7/6/2019 = 7+6+2+0+1+9 = 25

He was born August 27, the 239th day of the year.  239, the 52nd prime

He also died 10-months and 9-days after his birthday.

Spaceboy?  Not Lil' Spaceboy?  Or Lil' Baby Spaceboy?

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  1. "Afronaut" = 96 eo, 33 red
    "Axe Apollo Brand Promotion" = 113 red, "Conspiracy" = 113 eo
    Yes -- it's the same Axe Apollo as the deodorant/body spray.
    They launched Axe Apollo Space Academy as a BRAND PROMOTION gimmick, back in 2013. "Winners" went to NASA's Space Camp in FL -- just like thousands of American school kids do every year.
    This "Afronaut" was NEVER actually going into space -- whether he'd figured that out or not is anybody's guess ...
    This article, from 2015, explains how Axe Apollo tied their promotional gimmick to the "failures" of SpaceX, etc -- using that as an excuse for why their "Axetronauts" hadn't left Terra Firma yet ... :D ;D


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