Thursday, August 1, 2019

49 76 266 | Death of Pat Bowlen and Denver's rigged Hall of Fame Game win, August 1, 2019

Pat Bowlen died 115-days after his birthday.

Tonight's Hall of Fame Game, where he was honored, was 49-days after his death.

He was born on February 18, the 49th day of the year.

Read about the death of Nick Buoniconti, and the "49" ritual:

Nick was honored at the game tonight as well.

Tonight HOF Game was a rematch of Super Bowl 33, where John Elway was the MVP.

Fittingly, the game which had an over / under of 34, was 34-days after Elway's birthday.

Read about the Patriots 25-point comeback in Super Bowl 51, over the Falcons:

Of course, the Broncos beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 33, with 34-points.

The Broncos rookie QB helped them earn their first HOF Game win since 1976, 43-years-ago.

Missouri = 42 (He was 42nd pick of NFL Draft)

The game was 76-days after Matt Ryan's birthday as well.

Keep in mind 1976 was 43-years ago.

And notice the Broncos winning points were 14.  43, 14th prime

And once again, the NFL game was synced with the Pope.

Read about Pope Francis, the 266th Pope, and IHS:

Learn more about the connection between the Denver Broncos, the Catholic Church, and the Pope:

And don't forget that Arthur Blank, the owner of the Falcons, has the Jesuit Order's birthday.

Last year, Jake Butt, the Catholic / NFL joke, was injured on September 27.

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  1. He was born in 1944 when the AAFC was founded. The AAFC was like the afl, in that it merged teams with whst was the nfl at the time.


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