Thursday, September 19, 2019

58 103 143 | Colt will stop making AR-15 rifles, announced September 19, 2019

Assault Rifle = 143
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 143

This news for Colts comes on the day leaving 103-days left in the year.

Scottish = 103 

Colt = 58; Freemasonry = 58 

Keep in mind today is the 19th.  Chaos = 19

The masonic agenda is 'order out of chaos', and we know how that ties in with the shootings...


  1. 'AR' stands for 'automatic rifle' = 63.
    63 seconds is 1:03 on a clock.
    9/19 leaves 103 days remaining.

    1. It doesn't stand for Automatic. It stands for "Armalite" the original manufacturer. AR's are semi-automatic, it is illegal to have automatic weapons. Shows how uneducated the general public is on this issue...

  2. Ha, ha. All your gun manufacturers are Masonically staged corporations like Walmart and McDonalds, Masonically staged corporations for the goyim habitat. That's right. We are in a habitat. They can pull the plug on anything any time they wish just like the zookeeper who stops bringing food into the cage.

    1. Transportation =Hamster wheel
      YouTube + smart phone= Mirror
      When that CHEESE and LIGHTS go out....
      Survival of the fittest or extermination

  3. Colts Super Bowl 3
    Colts Super Bowl 5
    Colts Super Bowl 44

    Manning the Colt Golden SB50 champ
    Andrew luck the Colt retired in the 100th season
    Don Shula the All time winning coach Colt
    Bill Belichick greatest coach ever Colt

    Colt=Horse ... bring my HORSE to the Old town road
    Billy Ray TRUMPET Cyrus!

    Brady surpassed the Goat Joe from Norte FLAMES

    2019 year of the PIG 🐷= GroSS propaganda

    Enjoy the show (Eminem voice)

  4. Lombardi coached the Golden boy
    From Norte FLAME 🔥 Apostle Paul HORNung
    #5 the 1st over all pick

    DC the 51st state ?

    Movie Formula 51 ?
    Truman 1951 Korean War

    Super Bowl 51 the First OVER Time game

    Mahomes #15 possible stardom number related
    Melania married to Trump 15 years

  5. This is off topic, but I found it a very interesting study relating to the Bible and America.

    The book of Genesis in the Bible, begins with the 7-days of Creation. The word itself begins with the 7th letter of the alphabet.

    The word, "Genesis" is 7-letters.
    The word, "America" is 7-letters.

    *In Genesis, Jacob fathers all of his children in 7-years.

    If you add the letters of all of the 7-days of the week, it sums to 50.

    Genesis is 50-Chapters in length.
    America is 50-states.

    "America" = 50(English Ordinal)
    "Creation" = 50(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Genesis Chapter 32, contains 32-verses.
    7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32(Independence on 7/4/1776)
    "America" = 32(Full Reduction)
    "jerUSAlem" = 32(Full Reduction)

    *The 50th and final chapter of Genesis concludes with the death of Joseph in the 26th verse. He was Jacob's 11th son out of 12.

    "Joseph" = 26(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "11 of 12" = 26(English Ordinal)
    "God" = 26(English Ordinal)

    *Jacob's 11th son was 110-years of age when he died(110 is like 11)

    "Joseph Dies" = 110(English Ordinal)
    "Twenty Sixth" = 110(Reverse Ordinal)

    Israel's 11th son dies at the end of the 50th Chapter of Genesis.

    "Eleventh Son" = 50(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Bury Joseph" = 50(Reverse Full Reduction)

  6. Calais Campbell on a knee= Colin Kaepernick on a knee.Jaguars =49

    1. When did Calias Cambell take a knee dude? only 4 dolphins were kneeling. drop the 49 thing already dude. It doesnt have as much to do with the 9ers as you think.

    2. During the game. He was symbolically doing it. It doesn't matter how many dolphins. Were they are on the team? Yes, therefore Dolphins knees kneeled. I've coming here years. I know I'm right and know what to look for now. Apparently most of you still don't grasp this yet. You may simply be where I was a year and 2 ago


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