Thursday, September 15, 2016

74 162 | ESPN's Thursday Night Football preview, Jets @ Bills, September 15, 2016

Remember, if Todd Bowles and the Jets win, he'll be 11-7 as the head coach, and Buffalo Bills sums to '117'.  If he loses, he'll be 10-8, and 'Ryan Fitzpatrick' sums to '108'.

Read my decode here, it is quite the lesson in sports rigging:

Also, don't forget the parallels in this game between the Jets and Bills, and what is going on with the New York Giants:


  1. If buffalo lose they'll be 5-1 against the Jets.
    51 certainly important this season.

  2. "Jets vs Bills" = 149 = "Skull and Bones"

    "Jets Victory" = 166 = "Bills Victor" = 166 = "Secret Society"

    "Bills Victory" = 1483 [235th Prime] <====

    "Jets Victory" = 2137 [322nd Prime] <====

  3. Without Germatria one thing I know.

    Will always suck. Smart man picks against these teams.

    1. Only 4 teams have gone winless in an NFL season

      Cowboys in 1960.... went 0-11-1
      Buccaneers in 1976... went 0-14
      Colts in 1982... went 0-8-1
      Lions in 2008... went 0-16

      So I will agree with you on the Lions.

      What just strikes me though is as I wrote this out the Cowboys caught my eye because we are talking about the number 1960 (60) numerology for this Jets bills game and their record was 0-11-1 or 111 a number associated with this very same Jets Bills game... weird! Maybe Jets will go winless this year or maybe Bills.

    2. The dolphins will make the playoffs this year.

    3. Fins going to beat Pats this weekend 9.18.2016 = 63 #63 = death for patriots

  4. I feel 108 will be a tribute to the Cubs. 108 years since they won a World Series.

  5. Fitzpatrick has 117 Interceptions in his whole career.

    1. Lol I think it's a brilliant idea zach by making us figure out the winner fabulous. What I read in article was JETS 5 CONSECUTIVE LOSSES WITH SCORES OF also last time JETS DEFEATED BILLS ON BILLS TURF QB WAS FITZPATRICK. ..

    2. Well said C Handz, I figured this game out and put the Jets to come out on top through Zach's information.

  6. Jets vs colts afc championship. Patriots wont be in it like many of you think.

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  8. Idk if this a reach or not but today during halftime they will be retiring Bruce smith Jeremy and there is a headline on espn that said toppled 76 quarterbacks over 19 season. If Ryan Fitzpatrick loses today it will make him 1-9 against Rex Ryan. So I think bills will win and maybe an over game tonight.

    1. Also had a radio personality out here in Vegas say to take the bills tonight as well. After he said that he also said that this season he is 11-2 like 112 for Houston lol these people are everywhere haha

    2. And a Bills loss will make his picks go to 11-3.. like 113 Dishonest. Very interesting!! Of course if Bills win it will be a 12-2 for him which is Freemason. But since he is a radio personality, I'd say 11-3 like Mainstream. Either way cool stuff!

  9. did you see a new york news station reported hillary died,it was
    a few days ago when they reported it.maybe you already talked about it and i missed it

  10. idk why it says unknown,it was me

  11. Anything on the Seahawks vs. the Rams?

  12. I would think the theme of this game would have to do with role reversal or flipping, as in the Bills QB playing for the Jets and the Jets coach coaching the Bills. Perhaps there is something in the numbers that we can find by looking at the inversion of numbers...

    1. Rex Ryan=105, Flip it 51. Super Bowl 51 in Houston, Texas
      Ryan Fitzpatrick=80, Flip it 8. Super Bowl 8, Vikings lost to Miami in Houston, Texas.
      Ryan Fitpatrick is #14, flip it 41. Super Bowl 41, Colts defeated Bears in Miami, Florida
      New York Jets=165, Flip it 561- area code of Palm Beach Florida, zionist hot bed
      Buffalo Bills=117, flip it 711, September was originally the 7th month, tribute to 9/11

  13. More 9/11 Tributes to come in this game, as this will be their 112th meeting and their first meeting happened on 9/11/1960

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  16. Notice they write out:
    "Nine Months Later" = 187 <====

    To go on to say:
    "Coach Todd Bowles" = 149 = "Skull and Bones"
    "Jets vs Bills" = 149


    "Uncharacteristically Uptight" = 323 = "Lucifer"

    Who went on the say:
    "It's not redemption, it's a division rival"

    "Redemption" = 56 = "Mind Control"
    "Division" = 911 <====

    "Division Rival" = 163 = Make America Great Again
    "Barack Hussein Obama" = 163 = "Division Rival"
    "Anterior Cruciate Ligament" = 163 = "Manchurian Candidate"
    "Manchurian Candidate" = 163 = "Barack Hussein Obama"
    "Nine Six Nine Code" = 163 = "Manchurian Candidate"
    "Nuclear Winter" = 163 = "Nine Six Nine Code"
    "Operations Chief" = 163 = "Paul Davis Ryan"
    "Paul Davis Ryan" = 163 = "Barack Hussein Obama"
    "Prostitute" = 163 = "Barack Hussein Obama"
    "Royal Arch Mason" = 163 = "Operations Chief"
    "Satan Worship" = 163 = "Paul Davis Ryan"
    "Six Hundred Ninety Six Days Later" = 163 = "Nine Six Nine Code"
    "Speed of Saturn" = 163 = "Nine Six Nine Code"

    [Speed of Saturn = 9.69 km/s]

    "Teleprompter" = 163 = "Barack Hussein Obama"
    "Terror in Chicago" = 163 = "Manchurian Candidate"
    "Total Disaster" = 163 = "Speed of Saturn"

    "Anterior Cruciate Ligament" = 261 = "National Security Agency"

  17. 112th all time Matchup; Buffalo leads 59-51, 1-0 playoffs, 60-51 overall.
    111th regular season matchup. Buffalo leads 59-51.
    Last matchup: 1/3/2016.
    Bills have 5 game win streak.
    Coach records:
    Ryan: 17 games, 8-9 record.
    113 games, 54-59 record, 4-2 playoffs, 58-61 overall.
    Bowles: 17 games, 10-7 record.
    20 games, 12-8 record.
    QB records:
    Taylor: 14 starts, 7-7 record. 4-2 home, 3-5 away.
    Fitzpatrick: 106 starts, 43-62-1 record, 26-28-1 home, 17-34 away.
    Birthday spans:
    Ryan: 9/15/16 to 12/13/16 - 89 days; 2 months 28 days; 12 weeks 5 days.
    90 days; 2 months 29 days; 12 weeks 6 days.
    Taylor: 8/3/16 to 9/15/2016 - 43 days; 1 month 12 days; 6 weeks 1 day
    44 days, 1 month 13 days, 6 weeks 2 days.
    Bowles: 9/15/16 to 11/18/16 - 64 days; 2 months 3 days; 9 weeks 1 day.
    65 days; 2 months, 4 days; 9 weeks 2 days.
    Fitzpatrick: 9/15/16 to 11/24/16 - 70 days; 2 months 9 days; 10 weeks.
    71 days; 2 months 10 days; 10 weeks 1 day.

    Buffalo could get its 60th regular season series win on a date with 60 numerology.
    However, a loss by Buffalo would be Ryan's 60th regular season loss.
    Sixty = 97. This is the 97th season of NFL football.
    Taylor has nice birthday numbers for the game. His birthday is 1 month 12 days previous. This is the 112th overall matchup and 111th regular season.
    Also 6 weeks 1 day, and a Buffalo win would be their 61st overall in the series.
    Ryan would stay on 61 overall losses if Buffalo wins.
    Thirty Nine = 61. 39 is a number with many connections to New York.
    Ryan's birthday is 2 months 28 days after this game. New York Jets = 2280.
    Buffalo could get it's 6th straight win on a day with 6 numerology.
    Tyrod Taylor = 176. 176 is the 40th prime. Date numerology of 40.
    Taylor is from Hampton, VA. Hampton = 33. Date numerology of 33.

    New York:
    Bowles comes in with a 10-7 record on the day that leaves 107 remaining in the year.
    Fiztpatrick is making his 107th career start with 107 days remaining in the year.
    If Jets win, Bowles record would go to 11-7. Buffalo Bills = 117.
    Fitzpatrick has birth numerology of 117.
    111th regular season matchup. New York = 111.
    A Jets loss would take Bowles to 10-8. Ryan Joseph Fitzpatrick = 108.

    Rex Ryan is the former coach of the Jets.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick is the former QB of the Bills.

    I give a slight edge to Buffalo in the game... looks like 60 will be a key number

  18. Well I'm going to take my chance on buffalo bills then b/c rex need a win and this would be a big win tonight against his old team

  19. Here are my picks for week 2
    Giants over saints
    Titans over lions
    Cowboys over skins
    Chiefs over texans
    Patriots over dolphins
    Browns over ravens
    Panthers over 49ers
    Bengals over steelers
    Cardinals over bucs
    Seahawks over rams
    Falcons over raiders
    Jaguars over chargers
    Colts over broncos(most rigged game of the day)
    Packers over vikings
    Eagles over bears

    1. Rams over hawks I think.... Everyone else I like

    2. This is based on Gematria, or its just who you like?

  20. Tyrod Taylor has the numbers. He will probably be the determining factor. Bills win 20-13

  21. Scratch it I got saints over giants.

    1. You doing this based on numerology or is it just your feel good picks ?

  22. Curse of Bobby Layne" In 1958, the Lions traded Layne to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Layne responded to the trade by supposedly saying that the Lions would "not win for 50 years".

  23. Steelers won SB in Detroit Feb 5th 2006.
    58 years after the Detroit curse.
    The team Bobby lane was traded to...hmm
    Bettis won his first and last ring in Detroit.
    Bobby Jackson of the Pistons said " we are going to surprise a lot of people this year" hmm
    Colorado had a water crisis the same year they won the super bowl and Flint has a water crisis.
    Bobby lane set the NFL passing record in 51!

    Let's go folks start decoding I need help here.

  24. bleacher report story on Chynas death today really lining up with some of these numbers.
    born 12/27/69 in Rochester, NY. 12+27 is 39 (new York)
    12+27+69 is 108
    12+27+1+9+6+9 is 64 (Richie incognito's number. article about him too on bleacher report)
    Rochester, NY is 60 and 150
    Rochester is 111 = new york
    she is 6'0'' tall (todays date 9+15+20+16 is 60)
    chyna is 24 and 51 (9/15 9+15)(sb51)
    died in Redondo Beach on 4/20/16 (4+20 is 24 same as todays date)
    Redondo Beach, ca is 98
    Redondo beach 94 and 58 (bills jets playoff game sums to 58 points)
    nickname: Ninth Wonder of the World is 117 (buffalo bills, bowles will be 11-7 with a win)
    she died of an overdose at age 46.
    overdose is 40 (9+15+16)
    Richie incognito 95 158
    born 7/5/1983 (33yrs old)
    7+5 12
    7+5+83 95
    7+5+19+83 114
    7+5+1+9+8+3 33
    he wears #64 (64 days from todd bowles 53rd bday)

    im sure theres a bunch more but im at work lol

  25. Megatron wore #81 like #18 and retired too.
    Matt Stafford is a Jew born in (88) went to school in Texas like the SB
    Wears the #9 Barry sanders played 9 seasons.

  26. largest public satanic ceremony in history" took place Saturday in Detroit, a city that has the largest and oldest chapter of a national Satanist organization.

    The group unveiled a nearly 9-foot tall bronze statue of a goat-headed Baphomet in a private ceremony attended by 600 ticket holders, Lucien Graves, co-founder of the national Satanic Temple organization in Boston told ABC News. The Satanic Temple in Detroit has more than 200 registered members.

  27. Trump in a church in Detroit

    "Make America worship Saran Again"

  28. I noticed a few things about the Norris division.

    1. Bridgewater injury
    2. Peterson suspension / death of his son
    3. Bears got rid of Martellus Bennett #88
    4. John fox defensive coach can't help cutler
    5. Bears got rid of all their position coaches
    6. The HGH allegation on peppers and clay
    7. Their top DB is having concussion issues
    8. Jordy Nelson is coming off ACL tear
    9. Eddie lacy weight B.S
    10. BJ raji retired

    The division is set up so the lions can win it.
    I think Caldwell is the COLTS connection and Peyton included the lions as one of his 6 teams he's rooting for.

  29. The 50 year curse for lions would be the 2008 season Pittsbugh vs Arizona in Tampa
    Same place Matt Stafford was born.

    Final score .... Drum roll 27-23= 50!

  30. Larry Fitzgerald who had a monster game from Minnesota wears #11, Matt Stafford round (1) pick(1)

    SB XLIons

  31. Cardinals first SB appearance since their last NFL title in 47!

    Steelers had a 17-7 lead at half .. 1(77)

  32. Could we see a Steelers vs Lions SB?

    The metal sound when Hillirary collapse and in the red river in Russian due to metal. The flint water crisis due to Lead=22

    The steelers use to play at 3 rivers and the new field is HEINZ like Hines Ward the former Steelers MVP who played at.... Drum roll GEORGIA like The JEW Stafford!

    1. No way it's gunna be steelers vs lions,it's scripted for the Colts,it's andrew lucks time now

  33. Hillary for America released a new video, '44 Boys Is Too Many,' featuring young girls reading letters they wrote to Hillary Clinton or discussing drawings they made about Clinton and why they support her campaign. The girls consistently highlighted how significant and meaningful it would be to them to elect the first woman President. The video was previewed last night at an endorsement event and fundraiser with 13 women Democratic Senators."

  34. Bobby Layne Pick (1) round (3)

    Like the 13 women senators

  35. 41+48+48+43+27=207

    Or 27 like Deion's pick JETS

  36. False start number 79 at 7:09's funny as I'm writing a post on the wwe sacrifice of Jonah Snyder on 9/7/2016

  37. What's up Darius... What do you think about Pitt vs lions SB?

    1. I don't see the Steelers going to anymore superbowls in a while. Ben is already decked out. As for the lions probably. That would be a crazy storyline to have the lions in the superbowl after Calvin Johnson's departure. Vegas would make a lot of money off of that. As for next year I got the two cs facing off in an 52. Bengals and Cardinals. Larry fitzgeralds extension tells it all.

    2. Ben has rings and 3sb appearances could be right. Lions 60-1... Only insiders betting that

  38. Jets 13 to bills 7 .... 137 is the 33rd prime number. I predict the final score will either be 26-7 a total of 33 or 23-10 a total of 33

    1. Obviously the Jets. Can you not read between the lines?

    2. welp, that prediction is out... Jets 20 - Bills 17 lol

    3. I say Bills stay at 24 and then Jets fight to get the last touchdown out of the whole game for a final of 27-24 which would add to 51.. see how long this prediction lasts lol

    4. My list prediction is 33Jets 24Bills for a total of 60 which is todays date numerology

    5. Oops! I ment 33 -27 lol thanks for catching that haha

    6. I give up I can't predict this end score! LOL Jets now 37 to 24

  39. The Chip in the football is in there right now!!!

    Zack the chip is in the basketball maybe not magnets and tiger woods chip in the ball...

    Phil Simms is GOD!! Thanks for the info Phil aka Mr Giant

  40. Goodwin=87
    Bruce Smith #78

    Trump =88

  41. Scripted entertainment at its best! Jets come out firing, dominating, just to loose their big lead within 3 minutes :D

    1. Its amazing how theyre doing everything to fuck the sportsbettors. 70%+ of the public is on the Jets and they seem to get fucked over every time. :D

    2. Looks like the public won tonight.

  42. hahahaha did anyone else catch the graphic that was something about the last however many meetings and the points off turnovers?!??

    19 and 66 ======> 1966 first season of SB

    I think it was the the last 6 meetings between the two and there was also a 1 and 3 in that graphic. shit, I was on the phone and couldn't get a photo or make a full mental log of it. damn bong.

  43. I think tyrod Taylor is the best qb in the nfl they just make him look like trash.

  44. Haha
    J-E-T-S jets jets jets =36/63,216

    1. 36 yard field goal to push the total points to 54
      J-E-T-S! Jets jets jets=36/54

  45. Lesean mccoy is a bust for the bills.

  46. interesting how EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor are from FSU and VA Tech - the two teams in the 2000 Nokia Sugar Bowl after the '99 season.

    That was Michael Vick vs Peter Warrick, in terms of stars. just some observations mostly based on how

    thirteen = 99

    NY teams, Eli in his 13th season Odell #13

    possible tribute to the the third NY team with the 19/66 coding and the above info.

  47. These cornerbacks stay leaving these recievers open.

  48. A running play on 4th and 1? You can't be that retarted.

    1. Ha! I saw them set up and I was just laughing

  49. Anyone catch how they stopped the clock at 10:40 after the Jets made their field goal in the beginning of the fourth quarter. The score was 27-24, a sum of 51, and when the Jets kicked their field goal the clock stopped at 10:40 like 14 or 41.

  50. Can one of you guys breakdown panthers vs 49ers plz thanks

    1. This is what I have so far.

      San Francisco at Carolina
      20th overall matchup; Panthers lead 11-7, 0-1 playoffs, 11-8 overall.
      19th regular season matchup; Panthers lead 11-7.
      Coach records:
      Rivera: 81 games, 47-33-1, 3-3 playoffs, 50-36-1 overall.
      Kelly: 48 games, 27-21, 0-1 playoffs, 28-22 overall.
      QB records:
      Newton: 85 starts, 48-36-1, 27-16 home, 21-20-1 away.
      79 regular season starts, 45-33-1 home, 21-18-1 away.
      Gabbert: 36 starts, 9-27, 6-13 home, 3-14 away.
      Birthday spans:
      Rivera: 9/18/16 to 1/7/17: 111 days, 3 months 20 days, 15 weeks 6 days.
      112 days, 3 months 21 days, 16 weeks.
      Newton: 5/11/16 to 9/18/16: 130 days, 4 months 7 days, 18 weeks 4 days.
      131 days, 4 months 8 days, 18 weeks 5 days.
      Kelly: 9/18/16 to 11/25/16: 68 days, 2 months 7 days, 9 weeks 5 days
      69 days, 2 months 8 days, 9 weeks 6 days
      Gabbert: 9/18/16 to 10/15/16: 27 days, 3 weeks 6 days
      28 days, 4 weeks.

      Carolina is going for it's 12 win in the series. The 12th prime is 37. Gabbert is making his 37th start. Gabbert = 307. Carolina = 37. Rivera = 37.
      Rivera's birthday is 112 days after this game. 112 important number for the Super Bowl in Houston.
      Newton's birthday was 131 days before the game. 131 the championship number.
      Newton has 36 overall losses. A Panther win would keep him on 36 on a day with 36 numerology.
      Cam Newton = 36.
      Rivera also has 36 overall losses. A win keeps him on 36 like Newton.
      Rivera is going for his 51st overall win.
      Newton has birth numerology of 43 like the date numerology.
      Newton has birth numerology of 105. September Eighteenth = 105.
      September Eighteenth = 96. Cameron Jerrell Newton = 96.
      Panther win would give Gabbert his 28th loss. Newton = 28.
      20th overall matchup. Ron = 20.

      San Francisco:
      Chip Kelly has 27 regular season wins. A 49er loss would keep him on 27 on a day with 27 numerology.
      Gabbert has 27 losses as a starter. A 49er win would keep him on 27.
      Chip = 27.
      Kelly's birthday is also 2 months 7 days after this game.
      Gabbert's birthday is 27 days after the game.
      A loss would give Gabbert 28 losses and Kelly would stay on 28 wins.
      Gabbert's birthday 2 weeks 8 days after the game. Kelly's 2 months 8 days after.
      Chip Kelly's birthday is 9 weeks 6 days after this game. September Eighteenth = 96

    2. So it's lining up for the panthers to win???

  51. 37 is the 12th prime

    Tribute to Jim jelly

  52. This is why I have jets and Colts in afc title game. The jets played in the sb against the Baltimore Colts.

  53. 117 in the clock. Like Fitzpatrick Interceptions in his career. Let's see what happens

  54. Namath tribute the guarantee @Darius


  55. Marshall is not human !
    How is his knee ok???How ?

  56. The bills was in this situation against the patriots once let's see what happens

  57. 18 seconds left
    108 for the cubs.

  58. just noticed the sports network up here is Mid Atlantic Sports Network or MASN

    MASN the logo is encircled with the O in the back ground

    certainly reminds me of MAS[O]N

  59. idk why it says unknown,it was me