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13 39 45 51 52 53 63 98 99 | Saints at Giants, September 18, 2016 preview +Archie Manning factor

Let us begin with the fact that there is a 'Saint's chance' of an upset in this game.  If the Saints win, Drew Brees will earn his 131st win all-time'.

Super Bowl = 131; Championship = 131

9/18/2016 = 9+18+20+16 = 63 (When you sum 1-63, it totals 2016)

Week 2 brings us Eli Manning versus his father's team, the Saints.  It is no coincidence that last week Drew Brees had a record 98-yard TD pass to Brandin Cooks, the week before facing Eli Manning, in a season that began on September 8, or 9/8.

Oh btw, Eli Manning also earned his 98th regular season win on this same day.  (106th all-time)

As for the over/under at 53, and the spread at -4.5 to the Giants, it is interesting how those numbers correspond with the big play in the Saints game from Week 1, the record setting 98-yard TD.

Of course the name 'Eli Manning' is '53' the small way, that football roster number.

The date of September 18, or 9/9, also has a link to Drew Brees.

At the same time, this is Eli's 13th season, a special number.  His favorite receiver also wears #13.

The parallels are deep with these two teams.

This will be the Giants 29th game against the Saints in their 92nd season of being in the NFL.  Notice below the Giants will be attempting to earn their 16th win against the Saints in the year '16.

This is Drew Brees's 16th season as well, the QB of the Saints.

The last two times they have played, the winner has won with '52' points.  This is the season of Super Bowl 51, a season where the Super Bowl will be played on 5/2, or February 5.

The last time the game was in New York, December 9, 2012, that was a date with '53' numerology, also like the over/under on this game.

12/9/2012 = 12+9+20+12 = 53

In this game, Drew Brees will be playing for his 131st win, and Eli Manning, his 107th.  It is interesting to note that Eli won his 106th game to start the 2016 season, the number of 'prophecy'.

Elisha = 5+3+9+1+8+1 = 27/36
Nelson = 5+5+3+1+6+5 = 25/34
Manning = 4+1+5+5+9+5+7 = 36
Elisha Nelson Manning = 88/106

See the '106 second' story from ESPN on Giant's offense post their Week 1 win over the Cowboys, by the numbers:

Should Eli win this Sunday, it will be his 52nd win at home, earning it against his father's former team.

At the same time, if he lost at home, it would be his 45th loss all-time, coming against New Orleans and the Saints.  It is amazing how they structure these games this way.

'52' has been a very favorable number for QBs this season.

With regards to Eli currently having '51' wins at home, let us not forget that the Giants have rookie head coach Ben McAdoo, who was born on the right date and in the right year to become the head coach of the Giants for the 97th season of the NFL:

1/14/2016 = 1+14+20+16 = 51 (Date he was hired)

New York = 39; Empire = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 39; United Nations, 39-Floors
McAdoo won his first game 20-19, a sum of '39'

McAdoo will be going up against Sean Payton, who is trying to earn his 88th career regular season win, or his 94th all-time including the playoffs.

It is interesting to note that Drew Brees current win total, 130, matches the name of his coach.

Sean = 39 (13x3); Payton = 91 (When you sum 1-13, it totals 91) (New Orleans Saints = 91)

The death of #91, Will Smith, came in a span of 163-days before the game:

To help us see the narrative more clearly, let us examine Archie Manning, the former QB for the New Orleans Saints, and the father of Eli Manning.

Notice right away that Archie Manning was born May 19, the 139th day of the year.

The numerology of his birth also corresponds with this being the 92nd season of the Giants.

5/19/1949 = 5+19+19+49 = 92 (Giants 92nd NFL season)
5/19/1949 = 5+19+(1+9+4+9) = 47 (Super Bowl 51, 47th of modern era)
5/19/1949 = 5+1+9+1+9+4+9 = 38 (Gold) (Peyton Manning won Golden Super Bowl)
5/19/49 = 5+19+49 = 73

His name also connects to the game.  Remember, Drew Brees, the current QB of the Saints, has 130 career wins.  He might get stopped their when the son of Manning plays him this coming Sunday.

As for 211, it is the 47th prime.

This game comes 122-days after Archie's 67th birthday, or a total span of 123-days.

For one last clue at what is to come, let us look to who the Giants play in Week 3 at home.

Notice they will play the division rival, Washington Redskins.  If Eli wins against the Saints at home, and the next week against the Redskins at home, he will have 53-wins at home for his career, and the Giants will have 98-wins over the Redskins.

Again, this is the 97th season of the NFL, 2016-17.


  1. this looks like a toss up to me..alot of coding on both sides

    1. I agree. That's WHY I use the numbers for O/U

  2. Crazy connects. It wonder if he beats NY if that shows a 131 championship connection for them.

  3. Giants vs Saints= 193
    193 is the 44th prime number
    Forty four=144
    (1+44)=45 [45 losses at home if Giants loose)

    I say Saints win this game.

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    2. Off topic but did anyone notice in the giants v cowboys with 1:12 left the 4th quarter number 9 punted to number 11

  4. I'm betting on Giants this week and next!! Haha :)

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  7. New Orleans at New York Giants (-4, 51.5 opening) (-4.5, 53 current)
    29th overall matchup; Giants lead 15-13.
    Coach records:
    McAdoo: 1 game, 1-0.
    Payton: 145 games, 87-58, 6-4 playoffs, 93-62 overall.
    QB Records:
    Manning: 195 starts, 106-89, 51-44 home, 55-45 away.
    184 regular season starts, 98-86, 50-42 home, 48-44 away.
    Brees: 228 starts, 130-98, 71-43 home, 59-55 away.
    217 regular season starts, 124-93, 67-42 home, 57-51 away.
    Birthday spans:
    McAdoo: 7/9/16 to 9/18/16: 71 days; 2 months 9 days; 10 weeks 1 day.
    72 days; 2 months 10 days; 10 weeks 2 days.
    Manning: 9/18/16 to 1/3/17: 107 days; 3 months 16 days; 15 weeks 2 days.
    108 days; 3 months 17 days; 15 weeks 3 days
    Beckham: 9/18/16 to 11/5/16: 48 days; 1 month 18 days; 6 weeks 6 days.
    49 days; 1 month 19 days; 7 weeks.
    Payton: 9/18/16 to 12/29/16: 102 days; 3 months 11 days; 14 weeks 4 days
    103 days; 3 months 12 days; 14 weeks 5 days.
    Brees: 9/18/16 to 1/15/79: 119 days; 3 months 28 days; 17 weeks.
    120 days; 3 months 29 days; 17 weeks 1 day.

    New York Giants:
    Manning could get his 107th overall win. His birthday is 107 days after this game.
    Manning could get his 99th regular season win on 9/18, which reduces to 9/9.
    This also connects to OBJ, who wears #13. Thirteen = 99. The win would come over Drew Brees. Drew Brees = 99 and Brees would get his 99th loss. This is Manning's 13th Season.
    Ninety Nine = 57. Fifty Seven = 131, the championship number.
    Manning could get his 52nd home win, and this game is 52 days before the presidential election on 11/8. It is also 1 month 18 days until Beckham's birthday.
    A Giants win would be their 16th in the series in the year '16. This is also Brees 16th Season.
    Zach has found some Archie Manning connections favoring the Giants.
    Archie has birth numerology of 92, 47, 38, and 73. (born 5/19/1949)
    92, this is the 92nd season for the Giants.
    47, this is the year of the 47th modern day Super bowl.
    Elisha Archibald Manning III = 130. Drew Brees is on 130 career wins. A number that Eli Manning could keep him stuck on.
    Elisha Archibald Manning III = 211. 211 the 47th prime.

    New Orleans:
    Saint = 63. Date numerology of 63.
    If the Saints lose, Payton would get his 63rd overall loss on a date with 63 numerology.
    Brees is going for his 131st overall win. 131 = championship.
    A Saints loss would give Brees his 99th loss. Drew Brees = 99. The date also connects to 99 as 9/18 reduces to 9/9. Notice also that a Giants win would give Eli his 99th regular season win.
    A Saints loss would give Payton his 59th regular season loss. 59 is the 17th prime. Brees birthday is 17 weeks after this game.
    Brees could get his 52nd regular season away loss; and this game is 52 days before the presidential election.

    Giants are 2-5 in the last 7 matchups vs the Saints.
    Saints are the team Eli Manning's father, Archie Manning played for.
    Sean Payton was the QB coach for the Giants from 1999-2002. He was in New York during the time of 9/11.
    In Week 1, Brees had a 98 yard TD to Brandin Cooks. The season started on 9/8 and Eli Manning = 98.
    From the date of this game to the presidential election, 9/18/16 to 11/8/16, is 51 days, or 1 month 21 days, or 7 weeks 2 days.
    Total span of 52 days or 1 month 22 days, or 7 weeks 3 days.
    We see the 51 like SB 51, 121 for Revelation, and 52 like the date of the game 2/5.
    This game comes 1 month 18 days before OBJ's next birthday, like 118.
    The death of former Saints player Will Smith #91, was 163 days before this game. 163 is the 38th prime. 38 = death.

    I like the angle for Eli to get his 99th regular season win, Brees to get his 99th overall loss.
    Drew Brees = 99

  8. Thank you once again for your time and work.

    1. Can you all do one for the panthers vs 49ers plz and thanks

  9. If brees wins he is 131-98 like championship for eli. Brees likely gets 99th loss against the team that drafted him in week 4, just my opinion. Also 40 points would bring the gmen/saints series to 1310 points all time. 19 for gmen gives them 666, connecting to prophecy. 21-19 saints final would give us allot of coding. That's a low total but it may rain and vegas would clean absolute house with the saints winning a low scoring contest.

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