Wednesday, September 14, 2016

An astrologer's take on what happened Lions at Cowboys, January 4, 2014 (Reminders of NFL bullshit rigging)

This article is bunk because it called Panthers over Broncos in Super Bowl 50 (it also calls for Lions to win Super Bowl 51), but this part about the Lions and Cowboys game reminds me of this...

NEVER FORGET! when they turned the sun into the Star of David, and then brought back the team with the star emblem in the very rigged NFL playoff game.  If you weren't with me that year, I called a Lions vs Colts Super Bowl in Week 3 of the NFL season (Lions were eliminated by Cowboys and Colts were eliminated by Patriots in Deflate Gate)

This year, 2016-17, the Lions and Colts opened the season against each other, with the Colts losing at home to the Lions.  Of course in the offseason, the only player to score for the Colts in Deflate Gate, Zurlon Tipton, died in Detroit, 75-days before the game.  Indianapolis Colts = 75