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33 39 54 111 119 | Jets at Bills, September 15, 2016, Thursday Night Football super breakdown +history lesson

Week 1 NFL game breakdowns:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/09/scripted-nfl-week-1-nfl-games-in-review.html (Including Jets and Bills losses)

9/15/2016 = 9+15+20+16 = 60
9/15/2016 = 9+15+(2+0+1+6) = 33 (Fitzpatrick is 33, has 33 TDs with Bills (156 career))
9/15/2016 = 9+1+5+2+0+1+6 = 24
9/15/16 = 9+15+16 = 40 (Tyrod Taylor =173, 40th prime) (1/3/2016 = 1+3+20+16 = 40)
9/15 = 9+15 = 24

Thursday Night Football - If the Bills fall to the Jets, they will have lost on the road in Baltimore, and then beaten at home by the Jets (Super Bowl III teams).  If the Bills win, it will be a tribute game to Ryan Fitzpatrick, their former QB.

Also, New York vs New York, just like the upcoming election, November 8, 2016.  This game comes 54-days before the election.

New York Jets = 48/57/66/165 (New Era Field = 57) (Jets 57th season this year)
Buffalo Bills = 45/54/117 (New York Jets can go 11-7 under Todd Bowles)

New York = 39/48/111
Buffalo = 27/63

Jets = 9/18/54
Bills = 18/27/54

*The Bills have more '54' connections (Buffalo Bills = 54)

Between the two teams, this will be their 111th game all-time.

Notice the Bills lead the series with 59-wins (58-regular season), and the Jets trail with 51.  This is the season of Super Bowl 51.  That game will be played February 5, 2017, a date that can be written 5/2, something like '52'.  The head coach of the Jets is '52' and they are attempting to snap a streak of 'six' straight losses to the Jets.  Six = 19+9+24 = 52

Remember, Revelation is based on the 39-Books of the Old Testament.

New York was established July 26, 1788.

7/26/1788 = 7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39
7/26 = 7+26 = 33 (York = 24/33/69) (9/15/2016 = 9+15+(2+0+1+6) = 33))

Last year, the Bills defeated the Jets 22-17 both games, for a sum of 39-points.

January 3 is Eli Manning's birthday

This time, both coaches will meet with 17-games under their belt for their respective teams.

As a Jets fan, you can at least hope it means something positive for the 2016-17 season, or the '17 season ahead.  ***Both coaches lost in their 17th game to open the 2016-17 season.

Back to 39, James Madison once made 39-proposals that became the Bill of Rights.  Think about how the 10 Commandments comes from the 39-Books of the Old Testament.  This year the Giants had the 10th overall pick, drafting Eli Apple, 

The 39-proposals by Madison were first made June 8, 1789.

6/8/1789 = 6+8+1+7+8+9 = 39 (New York) (Ten)
Madison = 4+1+4+9+1/10+6+5 = 30/39
Ten = 20+5+14 = 39

George, born in 1739, emphasis on '39, the first Governor of New York.

That's Tyler Sash, RIP.  TS = 20+19 = 39

Here in the United States, we live under Jewish-Masonic law, order and "freedom".


'Free' also has gematria of '34'.

On a side note, think about '34' in these celebrity murders.  Murder = 34; Suicide = 34

June 8, 68 also reminds a bit of '68, that other fateful year for New York.  9-1-1.  WTC Construction.  
Symbol = 86; Triangle = 86; Pyramid = 86; Republic = 86

To close out, let's remind how every Super Bowl won by a New York team  connects back to '39'.

First the Giants, who are 4-1 in Super Bowls.

The first Super Bowl the Giants ever won was Super Bowl 25, the reflection of 52.

Notice the score, between the two New York teams, 19+20 = 39.

Oh by the way, NRG Stadium is hosting Super Bowl 51, on 5/2.  Construction began for the stadium on March 9, or 3/9.  NRG is hosting Super Bowl LI (50)

L = 12 = 3
I = 9
LI = 3 9

Read this for every New York Super Bowl and '39'.

Let us now examine the head coaches.


Last year, Todd Bowles helped the Jets win their 54th win all-time over the Patriots on a date with '54' numerology.  That was December 27, 2015, the 34-year anniversary of the Bills defeating the Jets in the playoffs.

12/27 = 12+27 = 39
12/27/15 = 12+27+15 = 54 (Jets)
12/27/2015 = 12+27+20+15 = 74 (New York on the 74th Meridian) (Masonic) (Jewish)

Todd Bowles is born November 18, the 322nd day of the year.

11/18/1963 = 11+18+19+63 = 111 (New York = 111) (September 11 leaves 111-days left in year)

Again, this is the 111th game between the Jets and Bills.  Todd Bowles birth numerology is perfect.

From the date of this game to his 53rd birthday, is 64-days.

Thelema worships the number '93', the reflection of '39'

From the date of the Kennedy Assassination, 11/22/1963 (4-days after Todd Bowles was born), to the date of the Civil Rights Act, July 2, 1964, the midway point of the year at noon in non-leap-years, was 223-days.

Again, from this Thursday Night's Game, to his birthday is 64-days.

This will be Todd Bowle's 21st game as an NFL Coach, and his 18th with the Jets.

18 = 6+6+6 (New York = 666)
This will also be Rex Ryan's 18th game with the Bills

Jets = 1+5+2+1/10 = 9/18
*Bills = 2+9+3+3+1/10 = 18/27

Again, he will have a chance to make the team 11-7 under his command, against the Buffalo Bills, who have name gematria of '117'.  Ryan Fitzpatrick, the QB for the Jets, once for the Bills, also has birth numerology of '117'.  At the same time, Ryan Fitzpatrick = 108 (and the Jets could fall to 10-8 under Bowles).

Notice he went 10-6 his first full season at at time when he was both ages 51 and 52.

As for Buffalo's coach, Rex Ryan, things get even more interesting.

The Jets went 9-7 the first year under Rex Ryan, and this year, 2016-17, is the 97th season of the NFL


First, notice Rex Ryan is sitting at 113-games currently played, that's a special milestone.

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Protest = 113

Notice also he has 54-wins coming into this game.

Again, he had 96-wins with the Jets.  Free = 96; Freemason = 96

And further, notice his current record with the Bills is 8-9, that corresponds with this game coming 89-days before his 54th birthday, December 13, 1962.

12/13/1962 = 12+13+19+62 = 106
12/13/1962 = 12+13+(1+9+6+2) = 53 (His current age) (NFL roster is 53 men)
12/13/1962 = 1+2+1+3+1+9+6+2 = 25 (97 is 25th prime, 97th season of the NFL)
12/13/62 = 12+13+62 = 87 
12/13 = 12+13 = 25

His name also yields those special numbers.

His full name has the same gematria as 'Freemasonry'.  Freemasonry = 67

George Washington, 33rd Degree Master Mason, died at age 67.

Speaking of '33', that is how old the Jets Quarterback is, who formerly was the QB for the Bills.

11/24/1982 = 11+24+19+82 = 136
11/24/1982 = 11+24+(1+9+8+2) = 55
11/24/1982 = 1+1+2+4+1+9+8+2 = 28
11/24/82 = 11+24+82 = 117 (Buffalo Bills)

If Ryan Fitzpatrick loses, Todd Bowles will be 10-8 as the coach of the Jets.

It is amazing how Fitzpatrick synchs with the Bills, his original team.

Checkout his stats with the Jets.  Notice he has 156-career TDs and 33 of them while playing for the Jets heading into this game.

Remember the connection between '33' and '156'.

February 2 is the 33rd day of the year, Ground Hog's Day.  Remember who played the part?

Notice also that Fitzpatrick threw exactly 80-TDs for the Bills.

Even the coordinates of wear he grew up fit for 'New York' and his relationship with the Bills and now the Jets.

Remember, Arizona, his high school state, and New York are the only two '39' Stats.

If you count his TDs thrown while on New York teams, he has thrown 113 coming into this game.

His opposing QB is Tyrod Taylor.  Notice he was born in '89, like the 89 connection with his coach, Rex Ryan.

His August 3 birthday is like Tom Brady.  Football = 83

8/3/1989 = 8+3+19+89 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David) (Todd Bowles)
8/3/1989 = 8+3+1+9+8+9 = 38 (Masonic)
8/3/89 = 8+3+89 = 100

From the date of his 27th birthday to this game is 43-days, or a total span of 44-days.

Notice in Taylor's first game of the 2016 season, he had '111' passing yards.  New York = 111

Notice also the long of '33'.  The Jets lost 13-7 to the Ravens.  137 is the 33rd prime.

Perhaps it was a tribute to his hometown, Hampton.

His name gematria doesn't pop out too much, aside from the '226', which connects to '93', a number relevant to New York, much like '39', its reflection.

For this game, it is on a date with '40' numerology, connecting to 173, the 40th prime number.

Finally, let us examine the competing QBs wins and losses.

Notice Ryan has 106 games under his belt, and is looking for his 44th win all-time.

The last time the Jets beat the Bills was their 106th matchup all-time, the number of prophecy.

The reason for the discrepancy of 111-games played on this chart, is because it includes the one time they have played in the playoffs, in addition to their 110 regular season match ups.

Their playoff game was a big 'Freemasonry' salute.

Notice the date of the game, December 27, 1981.

12/27 = 12+27 = 39
12/27/1981 = 12+27+19+81 = 139

On this date, the game summed to '58' points, 27+31 = 58.

Of course it was played at 'Shea'.  That stadium was torn down completely at 11:22, or 11+22 = 33.  '33' is the number of Freemason obsession.

The Bills were 10-6 coming into that game.... Prophecy = 106

Week 17.

If Fitzpatrick wins, he will be 2-8 against Rex Ryan, having something in common with the opposing QBs name, 'Tyrod'.

'28' is also that number that pairs nicely with '33', Fitzpatrick's age, and current TD total with the Jets.


  1. Nice breakdown! Here's what I had earlier today as I was looking at it. You probably covered it all. Gonna keep looking to see if I find any additional clues.

    112th all time Matchup; Buffalo leads 59-51, 1-0 playoffs, 60-51 overall.
    111th regular season matchup. Buffalo leads 59-51.
    Last matchup: 1/3/2016.
    Bills have 5 game win streak.
    Ryan: 17 games, 8-9 record.
    113 games, 54-59 record, 4-2 playoffs, 58-61 overall.
    Bowles: 17 games, 10-7 record.
    20 games, 12-8 record.
    QB records:
    Taylor: 14 starts, 7-7 record. 4-2 home, 3-5 away.
    Fitzpatrick: 106 starts, 43-62 record, 26-28-1 home, 17-34 away.
    Birthday spans:
    Ryan: 9/15/16 to 12/13/16 - 89 days; 2 months 28 days; 12 weeks 5 days.
    90 days; 2 months 29 days; 12 weeks 6 days.
    Taylor: 8/3/16 to 9/15/2016 - 43 days; 1 month 12 days; 6 weeks 1 day
    44 days, 1 month 13 days, 6 weeks 2 days.
    Bowles: 9/15/16 to 11/18/16 - 64 days; 2 months 3 days; 9 weeks 1 day.
    65 days; 2 months, 4 days; 9 weeks 2 days.
    Fitzpatrick: 9/15/16 to 11/24/16 - 70 days; 2 months 9 days; 10 weeks.
    71 days; 2 months 10 days; 10 weeks 1 day.

    Buffalo could get its 60th regular season series win on a date with 60 numerology.
    However, a loss by Buffalo would be Ryan's 60th regular season loss.
    Taylor has nice birthday numbers for the game. His birthday is 1 month 12 days previous. This is the 112th overall matchup and 111th regular season.
    Also 6 weeks 1 day, and a Buffalo win would be their 61st overall in the series.
    Ryan would stay on 61 overall losses if Buffalo wins.
    Ryan's birthday is 2 months 28 days after this game. New York Jets = 2280.
    Buffalo could get it's 6th straight win on a day with 6 numerology.

    New York:
    Bowles comes in with a 10-7 record on the day that leaves 107 remaining in the year.
    Fiztpatrick is making his 107th career start with 107 days remaining in the year.

    1. What website do you use for the starts and the record?

    2. I found this one for QB start records:

      I use Pro football reference for the coaches:
      that's the link for Rex Ryan.
      I think it's the same one you are using.

    3. I guess I should also add the order of Statehood and state founding dates to my spreadsheet. Do you think the state governers would have anything to do with football outcomes?

    4. Jeremy, that is a good question. Based on the death of the Minneapolis Mayor on 9/11, I think it is worth looking at.

    5. its the 112th meeting frubbard......

  2. When you look at the coordinates for the teams: do you use the stadium coordinates or the City coordinates? I also might need to add the hometown gematria for Head Coaches and QBs

  3. This was a great read .someone should do one just for buffalo because I think there gonna have a terrible season they have alot of players suspended for policy issues in rex prob will

    The jets are a darkhorse team remember they play in ny in noone except s them to do much

  4. This was a great read .someone should do one just for buffalo because I think there gonna have a terrible season they have alot of players suspended for policy issues in rex prob will

    The jets are a darkhorse team remember they play in ny in noone except s them to do much

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  6. I really like the Super Bowl 3 angle! It almost kinda looks like a bunch of 1's "Super Bowl 111"
    Super Bowl iii = 68 (Orchard Park)
    Super Bowl Three = 70 (Seventy = 110 like the number of meets between the two coming into the 111th game)

    Also, the word "seventy" = 47

    SB3 was exactly 47 years ago from 2016 where Jets scored 16 points - 9 more than Colts (2+0+1+6 = 9)

    Super Bowl 3 was played on 1/12/69 (112 being significant to super bowl 51 this year played on 5/2)

    I think Jets will win their 52 game Thursday.

    white vs red = 52

    All-White Uniforms vs. Bills = 102 (New Era Field)

    Jets to Wear All-White Uniforms vs. Bills = 139

    Lol I gone back and fourth on this Game 3 times now

  7. Houston vs Cincinatti that night as well (college ball) Houston is 14-10 all time vs cinci *

    1. Yea, what do you think about Cincinnati vs Houston ?

  8. Feel like there are stronger ties to the jets than Bills. We'll see come Thursday. Great work Zach

    1. I disagree. That Newsday artice is a gem and clearly favors the Bills. Great find Zach!

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  10. So bills vs. jets. Who going to win this Thursday game?

  11. It's his 108 career start last week was 107 his record is 43-62-1 & lost last week so it's 63 losses already

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