Tuesday, September 13, 2016

37 41 57 97 | Why the Colts will defeat the Broncos, September 18, 2016 (Jim Irsay time & Andrew Luck's 57th Game)


Notice below the Colts and Broncos, the teams with some history (Elway, Manning, Luck), have played each other 22-times, this coming Sunday will be the 23rd.  The Broncos currently lead the series 12-10.

The date of the game has relevant numerology.

9/18/2016 = 9+18+20+16 = 63 (2016 connection) (Andrew Luck's 63rd game all-time)
9/18/2016 = 9+18+(2+0+1+6) = 36 (Luck can earn his 36th regular season win all-time)
9/18/2016 = 9+1+8+2+0+1+6 = 27 (Luck's first game after turning 27)
9/18/16 = 9+18+16 = 43 (Champion)


'43' is the number haunting the Colts after Week 1.  That's the closing second field goal that lost them the game.


This game will come 32-weeks after the Super Bowl.
NFL = 32; America = 32; Denver = 32; Broncos = 32

I notice the last time the two teams played, last season, the game summed to 51-points, and this game very well could be a passing of the torch, Broncos to Colts.  Again, this is the year of Super Bowl 51.  That meeting was 45-weeks ago or 315-days, prior to that they met 88-weeks earlier, or 616-days.

Chuck Pagano entered this season with 41-wins and is still at the number, the 'Super Bowl' number.  It was the Colts who won Super Bowl 41.

Last week, former Colts coach Jim Caldwell kept him stuck at 41-wins.


This next game will be the 66th of Pagano's career, a special number in the NFL.

For Andrew Luck, this is going to be the 57th game of his career, the 'Super Bowl' number.

Andrew = 1+5+4+9+5+5 = 29
Austen = 1+3+1+2+5+5 = 17/26
Luck = 3+3+3+2 = 11
Andrew Austen Luck = 57/66

His birthday is a reshuffling of the same numbers, September 12, or 9/12.

Notice below that Luck's next TD pass will be his 106th, the number of 'prophecy'.


'37' has been the number for Andrew Luck this year, a number connected to '57'.  37 is the 12th prime, and Luck wears #12

ALSO- Recall, last season Elway was 55-years old, the Broncos were 55-years old, and Luck was benched after 55-games played with an "injury".  It is no coincidence that this game will be the 57th of Luck's career in the 57th season of the Broncos.

The owner of the Colts is currently 57-years old, and this game will come 97-days after his birthday.

6/13/1959 = 6+13+19+59 = 97

This is the 97th season of the NFL.  For the opening game, where the Broncos defeated the Panthers with 41-points, they kept flashing the Broncos Championship banner from '97.

*Chuck Pagano is also currently 55-years old.  Remember, they had Luck sit after 55-games with the fake injury for the riddle with the Broncos and last year's Super Bowl (The Broncos were 55-years old, John Elway was 55-years and the Broncos had lost to the 49ers in Super Bowl 24 by a score of 55-10).