Tuesday, September 13, 2016

112 | Donald Trump headlines, September 13, 2016, 'He stepped on a lot of people'

Donald Trump has said no one is a bigger ally of Israel than him.


  1. I have a feeling Crrow777 is not who he says he is. in fact, I strongly feel he and RussianVids are one and the same.

    Crrow = 32 and 77 both of which reduce to 5
    Crrow777 or 5777 (hello Jews)

    it's in the voice, the word choice and the parsed syllables. it's the way he has the claim to fame with the lunar wave. it's how he is all about I, me, my, I started this, I predicted that - tons of self inflation in his videos. not sharing real knowledge or proof of truth speaking, just reaching for credit and validation. lots of 7's found in both those names as well as Crowette. of course there are an abundance of primes numbers as well. below is strictly Ordinal and Reduction.

    Crowette = 46 and *127*
    Crrow Triple 7 = *67* and *157*
    Crrow Triple Seven = 87 and 222
    RussianVids = *47* and 155


    1. I became more suspicious of the CRROW777 guy when he did a recent interview with Zach. He kept asking Zach questions he clearly knew the answers to but kept pretending he just learning & was amazed (sure he gained value from the interview but because Zach boosts his credibility). I understand it's an interview technique/style but this was not what the CRROW777 guy was doing. IMO, he was leading Zach into his world (i'll explain in a bit) to:

      a) show off his knowledge.
      b) get closer to Zach's work.
      c) boost his views.
      d) mock.

      One can not create a more loaded name than "CRROW777". Just 3 of many:

      CRR = 39
      CRROW = 77
      777: Qabalah

      The CRR🔯W777 guy created his name over 3 years ago. He knows Gematria very well and even more, he knows Qabalah.

    2. his interview wth Zach was borderline disrespectful, in the conversational sense. interruptions were crispy and it seemed like he had to contain himself from not going full blown RV. conversely, I've listened to him interview other folks and he's polite, doesn't interrupt abruptly and seems to be much more calm in general.

      I'm telling you, Crrow777 and RussianVids are one and the same.

    3. JEWTUBE folks what do you expect.
      There's also competition for " truthers"
      Nothing new under the SUN and Moon!

  2. Russianvids in English Gematria Equals: 930
    Russianvids in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1313

    that 930 is interesting cause he speaks A LOT about space being fake - there's even the Chili Peppers space is made in a Hollywood basement line in almost every single video. Crrow was taking about that line in a recent video of his. (on a side note, at the Smithsonian I saw the first waiting list for people to take commercial space travel flights was 93,000 - go figure)

    Crrow in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1113
    Crrow in English Gematria Equals: 462

    that 1113 reminds me a bit of 113 and its obvious ties to dishonesty.

  3. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, all these things were created by the military as another way to dispense propaganda. Even if they were legit they would have been infiltrated immediately

  4. This is why everyone has to stop being so gullible and question everything you hear. Just because someone says they r just a researcher like the rest of us doesn't mean they are.
    Wikipedia says that Army Psyops were caught sending interns to CNN and NPR in 2000. They tell u that to make it seem like someone is watching out to make sure that doesn't happen but basically CNN and the rest are completely controlled. Remember that when trying to decide if something really happened or not. It doesn't matter if it did or not, what u should be asking is why the overlords want u to think that it did

    1. Exactly. Personally, I trust no one, even within the "truth community" (some I trust more than others, but nobody 100%). I don't know you, and you don't know me. Different channels give a lot of good info. I try not to become a "fanboy" of any of 'em. I just seek truth. That said, Zach's YouTube channel was the first one that I discovered that truly woke me up. "The final stage of awakening" you could say. That just so happens to be the name of a new music EP that I'm recording 😉

    2. Me too. I always knew numbers fit in somewhere, I had some vague ideas but the first time I heard one of Zach videos about gematria I felt like that was the missing piece.
      And I don't trust any one source either I listen to them all and just rely on my intuition to help me shift thru it. I look for info that empowers me.
      You might as well believe in yourself, and your ability to make it thru because in the end that's all you ve got.

    3. Same here @Legion @Pru

      I listen to the real guys as well as the opposition.
      The REAL truth is so fucking hidden that Germatria is scratching the surface. From the fake atmosphere to the fake scriptures to fake one world government.

    4. Think of the Oroborus model. How do we stop that cycle?

    5. Take a look at religious art, esp at the eyes - what are they looking at, and look at the hands - how are they positioned? Then look at the pictures that go along with the daily news and see how these so called leaders, sports figures, and celebs mimic these poses.
      Look all around the pictures, what's going on in the background, what colors combos are displayed, just look at everything and try to absorb as much details as u can.

      This maze is circular, we go around and around in loops I think, that's why it's good to notice everything you can so u can spot the familiar patterns faster and faster.

    6. I don't think the truth is hidden so much as it is so in our face we constantly overlook it because we allow ourselves to be distracted by these nonsense problems and noise.

    7. What I mean is our true purpose and our true reality. Our full existence has been reduced to some freaking Adam & Eve and their incest. Or we evolved from monkeys. Let's look at the future, wait it's more lies and deception. Knowing the truth feels better but it's also frustrating.

    8. Ok, so NASA is fake, and constitution is a joke, the Zionist and satanist rule here. Now what?
      Zacks work confirms a lot of truth, however what's the next step? We join forces and take who down? I'm ready to kick ass... Globe or flat plane who gives a rip? What does that prove ?

    9. I wish I knew what comes next. I'm with u, I'm so frustrated with the daily retardation I could scream. All the problems are bullshit, I can see it all plain as day. I accept that most don't know or dont want to know and I have quit trying to convince my family and friends, altho if they ask my opinion...lol I am no longer concerned with being socially acceptable.
      I don't care what anyone thinks about me. I exist and I have a right to be here. Ive done the best I could with the pathetically small amount of instruction I was given so I feel theres nothing to apoligize for and I'm not going down on my knees for anyone or thing ever again. That's what always turns me off about religion they way it encourages u to see yourself as small and powerless. Fuck that!

  5. "And I don't trust any one source either I listen to them all and just rely on my intuition to help me shift thru it. I look for info that empowers me.
    You might as well believe in yourself, and your ability to make it thru because in the end that's all you ve got."

    Spot on PJ! And yes Mr. Butts. The rabbit hole goes deep lol.

  6. Hi all, interesting chat. Have any of you come across this chatzefratz guy on YT? Any thoughts? Cheers.