Thursday, September 15, 2016

40 93 | 'Time off was actually a gift', Hillary Clinton headlines, September 15, 2016

Remember, Hillary became first lady in '93.  Now it is 'time' for her to upgrade the status.

*'Saturn', '93', is the keeper of time.

9/15/16 = 9+15+16 = 40 (Hillary = 40) (United States = 40)


  1. Ninety three days from today is Saturday (Saturn Day) December 17th. This happens to be the 351st day of the year. Since this is a leap year, it will be the 352nd day of the year.

    The number 351 is the inverse of 153, an important biblical number that refers to the "Miraculous Catch" performed by Jesus.

    December 17 also happens to leave 14 days remaining in the calendar year. The inverse of 14 is 41. USA = 41.

    Something is telling me to look out for something on this upcoming day. And here's a little history lesson that you may already be aware of... the very first Saturnalia festival was celebrated on this day in Rome in 497 B.C.

  2. Obama won in 2012 with 332 Electoral votes

    Fun fact

  3. Was actually a gift = 181, English ordinal, The 32nd prime number. Not much else but shit stink.

    1. 181 is the 42nd Prime
      "Freemason" = 42

      "New York Giants" = 181 [42nd Prime]
      "Rings of Saturn" = 181

      "Time Off was actually a gift" = 102
      "NFC Champion" = 102
      "Timothy Michael Kaine" = 102