Thursday, September 15, 2016

39 40 111 | ESPN front page, Thursday, September 15, 2016, NFL and NCAA, Jets over Bills & Houston over Cincinnati

39 seconds!  New York = 39; NY =  39; 7/26/1788 = 39

The sum of '68' is a tribute to the year '68, no doubt, and probably also Hillary Clinton, who is currently 68-years old.

I notice at the same time on the front page of ESPN, is that 'Houston' won with 40 points.

9/15/16 = 9+15+16 = 40
Houston = 8+6+3+1+2+6+5 = 31/40

Of course Houston is hosting Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium, where construction began March 9, or 3/9.

L = 12 = 3
I = 9

NRG = 14+18+7 = 39 (3/9 construction start) (New York = 39)

Notice the time stamp is 98-seconds.

Eli Manning = 98

And this is also on the cover of ESPN at the same time....

New York = 39/111

If I'm wrong about the Colts, and there ends up being an AFC Championship of Jets and Cincinnati, let us not forget the front page of ESPN from this evening, September 15, 2016.  Documentation, documentation, documentation.


  1. There seems too much going for it to be colts. I see no real ties to the other teams on the news. Thoughts?

  2. More narratives should evolve as the season progresses.

  3. I'm surprised Cubs didn't win tonight to clinch. They were huge favorites.

    1. Perhaps 37-days before the World Series they will.

  4. Zach, off topic, just got finished watching Mr. Robot. Not sure if you are familiar with the show, but they definitely get a lot of their story ideas from the youtube "conspiracy" community. Anyway, on tonight's episode Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) had to crack a code using gematria. He never said the word gematria, but he did say " G is 7, u is 21" and a few others I can't remember at the moment. He then went to a site and entered his results into a cipher and it produced a phone number. Not only that but one of the lead characters "Angela Moss" was forced to play a computer game "Land of ecodelia" (Angela Moss 106, Land of Ecodelia 106, Prophecy 106). It was structured like one of those old Hitchhiker's guide games with the questions and what should you do next type stuff. They showed the commodore 64 screen and it gave the fake game a copyright of 1984. Crazy stuff

    1. Great amount of pimple puss Reality! I'm reading '1984' right now, again for the 3rd time. Prophecy codes feel good when you find them don't they? Like you aren't wasting your time.

    2. I miss my Commodore 64, I remember the 300 baud modems, and having an C&P long distance code calling cracker program which you left on during the night, and then in the AM you could use someone else's long distance code to dial to the west coast for free and mooch free games off of Bulletin Board Systems, ah the good ol days.

    3. First thing I ever played on. Zork.

  5. Steelers or Bengals this weekend?

    1. Bengals at Steelers
      94th matchup; Steelers lead 56-35, 2-0 playoffs, 58-35 overall.
      92nd matchup; Steelers lead 56-35.
      Last matchup: 1/9/2016.
      Coach records:
      Tomlin: 145 games, 93-52, 6-5 playoffs, 99-52 overall, 156 total games.
      Lewis: 209 games, 113-94-2, 0-7 playoffs, 113-101-2 overall, 216 total games.
      QB Records:
      Roethlisberger: 187 starts, 125-62, 70-24 home, 55-38 away.
      170 regular season starts, 114-56, 64-21, 50-35.
      Dalton: 81 starts, 50-30-1, 26-13-1 home, 24-17 away.
      77 regular season starts, 50-26-1, 26-12-1 home, 24-14 away.
      Birthday Spans:
      Tomlin: 3/15/16 to 9/18/16: 187 days, 6 months 3 days, 26 weeks 5 days.
      188 days, 6 months 4 days, 26 weeks 6 days.
      Roethlisberger: 3/2/16 to 9/18/16: 200 days, 6 months 16 days, 28 weeks 4 days.
      201 days, 6 months 17 days, 28 weeks 5 days.
      Lewis: 9/16/16 to 9/23/16: 5 days
      6 days
      Dalton: 9/18/216 to 10/29/16: 41 days, 1 month 11 days, 5 weeks 6 days.
      42 days, 1 month 12 days, 6 weeks.

      Steelers can get their 57th regular win in the series. Ben = 57.
      This is the 92nd regular season matchup. Ben Roethlisberger = 92. Rooney = 92 (owner of Steelers)
      Tomlin's birthday was 6 months 3 days before this matchup. Date numerology of 63.
      Tomlin is going for his 94th regular season win in the 94th overall matchup.
      Ninety Four = 57. Would be Steelers 57th win in the series.

      If Cincinnati loses, they would get their 36th loss on a date with 36 numerology.
      Bengals = 360.
      September Eighteenth = 96. Cincinnati = 96.
      A Cincinnati loss would give Dalton his 27th regular loss on a date with 27 numerology.
      A Cincinnati win would keep the Steelers on 56 regular wins. Dalton's birthday comes 5 weeks 6 days after this game.

      I like Steelers to get their 57th win and give the Bengals their 36th loss.

  6. Just realized in regards to the Colts losing last week... They got a safety on the last play of the game.
    Safety = 1012 like 112.
    Another Houston clue it seems.