Thursday, September 15, 2016

42 123 | 9-year old Jackson Grubb commits suicide by hanging, mainstream reporting, September 14, 2016

I suspect that more and more children are killing themselves at younger ages due to the fact that more and more children are being raised by the television, and at the same time, having less and less human interaction.  At the same time, the TV is also introducing children to more and more tragic topics at younger ages, including suicide.

That said, I think this story is likely bogus, and used as a reminder to parents to not bully their own children into death.  In this story, it is being noted that a teenage girl was just reported dead from suicide in New York due to her own parents calling her fat.  Of course, more and more children are becoming heavyset early on because they're not allowed to play with the other children, and instead, they're sitting in front of the TV.

Jackson = 1+1+3+2+1+6+5 = 19
Grubb = 7+9+3+2+2 = 23
Jackson Grubb = 42 (Boy) (Nine) (TV) (Freemason) (Zionism)

Jackson = 10+1+3+11+19+15+14 = 73
Grubb = 7+18+21+2+2 = 50 (America)
Jackson Grubb = 123 (Conspiracy)

The cause of death was 'hanging'.