Thursday, September 15, 2016

37 39 68 78 | The Jets 37-31 win over the Bills, TNF, September 15, 2016 (Tribute to 1968 Jets and coach Weeb Ewbank)

New York = 39; NY = 39; 7/26/1788 = 39

As for the total of 68-points, that connects to a number of interesting things.

1968 was the year 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code and WTC construction began, it is also the year RFK and MLK were assassinated.

1968 was the year the Jets won the AFL Championship.

68 is how old Hillary Clinton is right now.  Remember, this game came 54-days before the November 8, 2016 election.  Jets = 54; Bills = 54

Also, in the tribute to the '68 championship team, the 33-year old Fitzpatrick who came into the game with 33-passing TDs as a Jet, got the win.  Notice how that synchs with Joe Namath, the winner of Super Bowl III, the only Jets Super Bowl win.

Recall, the Jets had been outscored 74-162 in recent games.  That totals is now 111-193.

New York = 111; 193 is the 44th prime number (Super Bowl 51 date)

The 37-points were likely a tribute to the Jets coach in '68.

5/6/1907 = 5+6+19+07 = 37

Recall also how '37' connects to '57'.

Thirty-Seven = 57
Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl

Notice also the Jets were 11-3 that year.

Also, like I said, the Bills have now lost to the team from Baltimore and the Jets, much like Super Bowl III, between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Jets.

Notice the Jets went on to win the Super Bowl that year on the date of January 12, or 1/12, something like '112'.  Again, Houston is hosting the Super Bowl this year, and Houston = 112.  Also, last night's game between the Jets and Bills was the 111th game between the two teams in the regular season, but it was the 112th game all-time if you count their one playoff match as well.

If I'm wrong about the Colts, I like the Jets in the AFC.

Also, one last point, Tyrod Taylor fell to 7-8 last night with the loss to the Jets, and at the same time, the Buffalo Bills retired the number of #78, Bruce Smith.

Ask yourself, which New York QB is most likely to be in the Super Bowl based on all that we have seen?  Ryan Fitzpatrick?  Tyrod Taylor?  Or Eli Manning?  If you ask me, Eli Manning has a huge leg up on the other two in terms of all the scripting we have decoded.