Tuesday, October 8, 2019

22 47 55 85 | Daryl Morey's controversial tweet, October 6, 2019 +China's backlash on October 7

October 6, 2019 was a date with 55 numerology.

10/6/2019 = 10+6+20+19 = 55

His tweet was posted October 6, 2019, 22-days after Daryl Morey's 47th birthday.

Notice basketball sums to 22 and 85.

The backlash from China came the next day, October 7, the day leaving 85-days left in the year.

Read more about Chinese backlash here:


  1. All connected to Yao Ming Born September 12, 1980(age 39)
    Shanghai, China NationalityChineseHeight2.29 m (7 ft 6 in) played for the Houston Rockets 2002-2011

  2. Ben Simmons of the Sixers scored a (3) pointer at the Wells Fargo center last night.Sixers vs.Loong Lions of China beating the team of a score 144 -86. Ben Simmons need to do that in the regular season not at exhibition game! Such a script with what is going on with China with the trade so call war and Houston Rockets connection and the whole thing of basketball and politics and money to made with the Sixers still having the game last night with China basketballteam,10/8/2019.

  3. 144k the 12 tribes from Philadelphia the 6th church
    (B)en (S)immons. 3pt SHOT
    (B)ernnie (S)anders daughter in law DEAD
    (B)iden (S)on and his GAS board membership
    (S)imone (B)lies breaks record 21 (3) MEDALS

    I’m certain something that will be BS 😂
    Sounds explosive


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