Wednesday, September 30, 2015

106 923 | Reader Contribution 10/6, the Other 9/23 (Prophecy And Recent Coding)

I made this point in an earlier post.  Tonight I had another thought too.  Recall the Philadelphia Train Wreck that foreshadowed September 23.  It was traveling 106 mph, the number for 'prophecy'.  There has been a lot of 106 foreshadowing alongside 9/23 foreshadowing this year.  Perhaps this is the riddle all along.  10/6 and 9/23.

Soon enough, we will see.


  1. You're killing me, Zach.

    According to "The Secret Language of Birthdays"
    10/6 is the day of the Good Life.
    Meditation for that day: "In order to taste fully the joys of life, one must have suffered as well"

  2. I also see a 16 in that, with the zero adding the god energy. The 16th trump in the Tarot deck is the Tower, and MARS rules that card. The keyword being: the awakening. Just saying.

    1. Nice find:
      The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation.

  3. Great points, thank you for that extra information.

  4. 10/6 also falls on a Tuesday, just like 9/11.
    Tuesday is associated with Mars in multiple dimensions and may be part of the Martian priming as of late.
    Tuesday = 95 (Red Planet) - and a whole lot of other links, as I covered in my report on the Water-on-Mars psyop:


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