Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ride the Duck Tour Bus Accident In Seattle, September 24, 2015

Seattle, like many other large cities in the nation, has "Ride the Duck" tours.  These vehicles go on roads and water and are a popular attraction for tourists.  I like CNN's touch of '44' people being hospitalized.  Reportedly, four people were killed.  This is an incident that is hard to imagine happening as the "Duck" vehicles are quite large and would be seemingly hard to miss for most drivers, especially a charter bus driver.


  1. Oh Zach, I think this story is huge - thought you would give it the Yogi Berra treatment....

    Duck Tour =113.

    Ride The Duck =108. Full Moon =108.

    Ride The Ducks =127. Vatican City =127.

    Aurora Bridge =119. Aurora =74.

    Duck =39. New York =39. NY =39

    Seattle Washington =212. The Pope is in NYC - area code 212.

    Seattle, Wa =1222. Pope Francis =122.

    I hope you are seeing how this "accident" is a purposeful Ritual Sacrifice to honor the Pope arriving in NYC.

    Ritual Sacrifice =924. Today is 9/24.

    1. Awesome buddy! Cheers, I'm gonna give it the ol' Yogi Berra for my blog.

    2. Thanks Eric Berg - E B = 5 2. Pope =52.

      I think you will find this interesting....Pope Francis appeared @ exactly 5:22pm today getting off his plane @ JFK.

      In Jewish Gematria - Holocaust =522.

      In Simple Gematria - Holocaust =114, and Pope Francis spoke to the 114th Congress earlier today.

      I believe the reveal at 5:22 was a tribute to his arrival in the US on Sept 22.

      Five Twenty Two =207. 5+22 =27.

      Nine Twenty Two =207.

      September Twenty Second =270.

      The Pope departs on the 270th day, and 9/22 is the day he arrived. Dates picked by the numbers.

      Seventy Two =168. New York City =168.

      September Twenty Two =1068. Seventy Two =2390 - or 23/9

      September Twenty Two =268.

      On the 268th day Pope Francis will be holding mass at MSG in NYC.

      After all that - The Eric Berg Blog - is gonna become a must read for me.

    3. On the radio they continue to report 47 people were injured.

    4. HA, my intials connected to Pope. Figures then that I'm lighting him up. My full initials are JEB and I want nothing to do with any Bush.

      Thanks for reading my blog, brothers.

      PS: Extra Capsa = 108 = The Cypher. 108 Mala beads around my neck. That's a little Easter Egg for the boys.

    5. And incredible info Maestro! Mind-blowing stuff, please keep it coming. Teamwork!!

  2. Did you see the news about the 'accidental' tsunami warning that went out for the east coast this morning? Curious, indeed.


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