Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk, Met With the Pope?

The way this article translates to me is, actor agent meets with higher profile actor agent.  The meeting supposedly took place on September 24, at the Vatican Office in New York City.


  1. I read a story about this last night and actually buried my face in my hands--mostly because it came on the heals of one about the global citizen/agenda. It makes me want to start waking people up with a cattle prod. o.O

  2. lol, like No County For Old Men? Ever since that movie came out I've been meaning to make my writer/producer/directorial debut with No Country For Sane Men. It is sad out there. Hang in there Katey, I appreciate all that you write and share.

  3. No Country For Old Men is the last movie I watched before I started boycotting Hollywood. I used to have Netflix discs sent to the house. I waited through that whole movie for Anton (?) to get killed, and when it didn't happen I cancelled my subscription. This quote about the movie says it all: "a heated story that brands the reader's mind as if seared by a knife heated upon campfire flames."
    No shit! I've always thought I needed to watch it again, but I can't even make myself.


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