Sunday, September 27, 2015

61 79 | John Boehner Referring to Fellow Republicans as 'False Prophets'

False = 6+1+3+1+5 = 16/25
Prophets = 7+9+6+7+8+5+2+1 = 45/54
False Prophets = 61/79

Funny these remarks come while Pope Francis is in town, and he has admitted his resignation is directly related to the Pope visiting, who he supposedly invited to visit Congress in the first place.

False = 6+1+12+19+5 = 43
Prophets = 16+18+15+16+8+5+20+19 = 117
False Prophets = 160

I like how he calls out Ted Cruz.  You can tell that guy is a real manchurian piece of shit.  Worse than the rest, even though they're all awful.  As I recall, Cruz announced his candidacy for President on March 22.

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