Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reader Contribution | Duck Tours Accident In Seattle, September 24, 2015 & Pope Francis Tribute In New York

What is personally tripping me out, having done no research on the event thus far, is that they continue to report on local news that 47 people were injured, a very special number to Seattle, that is located on the 47th parallel north.

Seattle and Manhattan have something in common in Gematria.


  1. I'm late seeing this. Thank you for posting those comments!! And your 47 observation makes it even more powerful.

    I used to live in Seattle, and before knowing what Gematria was - always considered Seattle like Manhattan's if Seattle will grow up to be the next Manhattan.

  2. seems it wasnt the only sacrifice.. mecca stampede has freemasons all over it. look at the twitter pics and the safety jackets


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