Thursday, July 14, 2016

33 38 67 110 | Clarence Castile, the uncle of Philando Castile, on CNN (Masonry and shooting hoaxes)

Pictured above his Clarence Castile, the uncle of Philando Castile, who took to the media to speak about the loss of his "nephew".  Of course this shooting was part of the ongoing masonic divide and conquer agenda.  Checkout the video below from when Clarence was on the news.  First recognize his CC initials, or 33.

Freemasonry = 67; Philando Castile = 67; Alton Sterling = 67; Blue Lives Matter = 67 (Louisiana bill coordinated with shootings)

Barack Hussein Obama = 163
The shooting of Philando Castile came 163-days from the Governor's birthday.
P = 16; C = 3; Philando Castile initials

Minnesota = 110
President = 110

163 is the 38th prime number

Death = 38

Minnesota = 38
Louisiana = 38
Masonic = 38


  1. Death in France again tonight. Lorry driver drives into a crowd then starts shooting apparently.

    The 38 + 46 numbers both prominent again.

    1. Sup jmontz, you done any work on the open(golf)? Any early predictions?

    2. They are listing 73 dead.

    3. Man I live 15min from that there!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Zach, what is your opinion on names that have masonic coding such as 42 and 96, but are against the masons and the system? I discuss this further in an email I sent you.

  3. Nice France one of shooters names
    "Majkl Cernovič " in the English Ordinal system equals 133
    Here's his picture

    1. 73 Dead
      7/14/2016 - 7+1+4+2+1+6 = 21
      73 is the 21st prime, so maybe the story will stop at 73 dead.

    2. How bout the Eiffel Tower just happening to have a fire at the same time.

    3. Hope they catch the Eiffel Tower fire in time, steel fires are hard to put out.

  4. 2016 will break a record in death hoaxes

  5. " Bastille Day Attack "

  6. Philando Castille = Philadelphia + Orlando (Phil-ando) and Cleveland + Bastille (C-astille)?

    Just a thought ...


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