Sunday, July 31, 2016

33 50 59 84 228 | The death of Paul Harvey, ABC radio broadcaster, by the numbers, February 28, 2009

Someone asked me to look into this man's death.  He was ninety when he passed, so no one thought twice about it.

The date he died stands out like a sore thumb, 2/28, the 59th day of the year, on a date with '59' numerology.

Death = 228 (English Gematria)
Kill = 59 (Jewish Gematria)

2/28/2009 = 2+28+20+09 = 59 (Kill)

Him passing in Phoenix on the 33rd Parallel North, at age '90', also pops out.

Ninety = 33 (33rd parallel death)

The name Paul Harvey also sums to '129', like 'America' in Jewish Gematria.  His date of birth also connects to 'America'.

9/4/1918 = 9+4+19+18 = 50 (America = 50) (50 States)

United States of America = 84 (Arizona = 84)
United States of America = 228 (Simple English)

Just remember, if you're ever offered a Presidential Medal of Freedom, just say no.  That seems to be a ticket to a ritual death by the numbers.  RIP Ernie Banks and more.


  1. Zach, it's always interesting to study the minds of evil people. For instance, the Zionist/Masons love their ritual sacrifices, which help them with their various agendas of fear, propaganda, contrived news, etc., to eventually create their own version of a perfect world, or keep the world the way it is, where they are on top and we slaves feed the machine. It's just interesting why. Do they know they're evil? Do they think they're evil?

    I guess if you are in the cabal you can justify your murders and propaganda as "well this will lead to a 'better' world for us" or something to that effect, but eventually you would have to stop and say "hey! We're murdering people! Is this really good?" I guess what I'm getting at is, do all truly bad people know they are bad and don't care because that is their nature, or are they so diluted by their own nonsense that it's all completely justifiable in their minds? Where do people like this come from?

    I think most young children are more or less innocent, so some sort of environmental factors ranging from how they are raised to what abuses they've endured to what have you, contribute to their nature, whether that be as a normal, moral human being, or a sick, tyrannical Elitist. It's just I have a hard time understanding how people are born, and a select few of them join an evil group to enslave and kill everyone and ENJOY it. This is not to say I don't think this is true. Of course it is. It's just, HOW? I know you probably don't know specifically how or why, it's just a good philosophical question to ponder and a good thing to bring up at the hopefully eventual trial and punishment of these absolute pieces of filth.

    A good follow up question: Has there ever been a member of one of these Illuminati/Zionist bloodline families that have ever defected or spoken out and left it all behind? Maybe there has been, but it's undocumented. I don't think they would last very long, not to mention the sheep wouldn't ever hear about it anyway.

    1. I doubt they think of themselves as evil, but they probably do think of themselves as superior, again, they're "God's chosen people", at least as they call themselves. And why should they stop doing what they're doing, operating by this code? If their goal is world domination, they have it. If they see themselves as God's chosen people, and God has allowed them to take the world over, then they must feel righteous in their actions. What I've noticed about this world, is the most ruthless rise to the top, and that is how I would describe them. They clearly run on hate, so all their actions are out of hate. And as for those who have defected, there are a number. They have written books and they have YouTube channels. I'm trying to think of names but they're not coming to me right now. If you search this subject you will find the people I am thinking of.

      Remember also, you can't reason with crazy. And these people running things, they truly are crazy.

    2. Yeah, that's true. I remember there's a good segment about something similar to this subject in one of the Zeitgeist movies, I think it's the "Moving Forward" one. I don't know what to think of Peter Joseph, he has a lot of truth in those movies but seems like a bit of an egomaniac himself. The Venus Project people had to disassociate from him because of this. But that's a whole other subject.


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