Friday, July 29, 2016

72 77 117 | 7.7 Reported earthquake in the Mariana Islands, July 29, 2016

Mariana Islands = 54/72/135

Today has 72 numerology.

7/29/2016 = 7+29+20+16 = 72

Below, notice the numerological reporting.  A 7.7 quake, a depth of 117-miles?  11x7 = 77


  1. Good few 77 stories flying about today ..

    The big one ... 77 paedophiles arrested in Scotland and 30 million images found:

    Another one about 77 gang members arrested or something.

    El Salvador:

    1. Notcied your article says, 'South of Agrihan at a depth of 122 miles. Same numbers in the 77 arrested article ...

      "Of the 523 victims and potential victims, 122 have been referred to child protection services."

    2. Just noticed the Daily Mails paedophile story was published at 14:22 ( 2:22 ) . 'Paedophile' = 222

    3. The raid or crackdown was named, 'Operation Lattise' = 73. 'Children' = 73

  2. 77 always reminds me of that mass murder in Norway.


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