Friday, July 29, 2016

Reader Contribution | Noisegate, Colts, Vikings and '41' +My epiphany about purple and GOLD (Super Bowl 50 and beyond)

I should remind that Super Bowl has gematria of '41'.  Remember, Prince in Super Bowl 41, and dead on a date with '41' numerology.

It reminds me of the Purple and Gold them in the death of Prince.  With regards to Gold, it made me think a lot of who hosted the last Super Bowl, the 49ers, named after the 1849 Gold Rush.

With the 's' exception, Super Bowl sums to '50'.  Remember the Gold for the Super Bowl last year?  It was played on the 38th day of the year, hosted by the '49ers'.

Gold = 7+15+12+4 = 38

Colorado, the 38th state, won the Super Bowl on the 38th day of the year, February 7, 2016.  In Denver, the have a team named after Gold, the Nuggets.

A is the 1st letter, U is the 21st.

AU = 1 21 ... a lot like 121

Super Bowl 50, hosted by the 49ers, was played on the 121st Meridian, and exactly 121-days after the game was played, on June 6, 2016, the Denver team would visit the President of the United States, showing the significance of '121', which connects to 'gold', a big theme for Super Bowl 50.

Revelation is the book of prophecy; it is the 66th book in most Bibles.

In Revelation, it says the false Jews will rule in the end times.  In this world, those are the banker tyrants who control the NFL and the world of pro sports, plus media, plus more.

The book the Wizard of Oz is about a world with gold roads and silver slippers, which turn to "red" in the movie version, to help people miss the point of the film.  The book is about how the baker tyrant zionists run the world (Gold and Silver), and they do it through their machines, such as the radio, papers, magazines and these days, screens upon screens.... "Silver Screens".

The Jewish texts are all about God and money.  Look at this nation, 'God' on the 'dollar'.

The people with the long noses run the world.  They run it with lies and deception and intimidation, mostly through their screens.  Like the characters in the Wizard of Oz, we must find our brains, our hearts, our courage.  Then we will overcome.


  1. Andre Johnson was signed today (7/29/2016) by the Tennessee Titans. On a day of prophecy. He may have been chosen to be a prophetic figure for the Colts going to Super Bowl 51, based on his name, birthday, today's date, and the teams he's played for. He previously played for the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, all three teams in AFC South .and possibly Super Bowl 51 related

    7+29+16= 52 (prophecy)

    Andre in English Gematria = 150

    can be read as 51 (Super Bowl 51)

    Johnson in English Sumerian = 570

    can be read as 57 (Championship)

    Andre Johnson in English Ordinal = 137

    137 33rd prime 33 = (Masonry) (Secrecy) (Forecast)

    His birthday 7/11/1981

    7+11+19+81 = 118

    forty one = 118 Super Bowl reduced is 41

    The Titans play the Vikings 9/11/2016. Another possible connection to Super Bowl 51.

    On the ESPN article of Andre Johnson's signing it was posted at 1:05 PM PT. That time can be read as (51).

    The video length is 1:17

    117 = Divination

  2. As the contributor depicted "purple-reign" = 141... In sports there has been a lot of subliminal as well as in your face coding containing 141. For instance Stephen Strasburg going I watched the Chicago vs. Chicago game the other day they flashed stats when the White Sox were up 1-0 and stated the Cubs have went 14 scoreless innings in a row...immediately after the Cub at bat hit a solo home-run making it 14 innings with 1 run...141...I knew they were throwing 141 in our faces but I'm not really sure what it connects to most importantly...maybe I can check the 141parallel or what teams equal 141...unless Purple reign and Prince is all it has to it? Any Ideas?

  3. I was searching earlier to see if any players wear #86 on either colts and Vikings. I noticed Andre Johnson was not on colts team. Then strange thing happened. Manning wears 18 retired . Calvin Johnson wears 81 retired . Aaron Hernandez 81 prison , i read ESPN football page at 11am est and I saw that most GM's would not sign Johnson thought he would retire and 81 connection. Let's keep an eye on Johnson , freak injury or death by the numbers.

  4. @zach

    Dude chill out calling the "FBI" lmao... I was ripped turned on YouTube and there's Zachary going in on the call center. We NEED you !!!

    1. People need to wake up to what their government is. An illusion.

  5. About SB52, possible hint/link - Carson Palmer [CP] signed an additional 9-year contract $118.75 million on 29 December 2005 with the Bengals while still under contract for 3 years. On 8 January 2006 Bengals played the 'Pittsburgh Steelers' in an AFC playoff game, on the very first pass-play CP threw a 66-yard pass to rookie receiver 'Chris Henry' (CH) jersey number 15, which CH caught, but they both got knee injuries in the exact same play. As CP was hit after releasing the pass in the legs area the NFL straight-away brought in a 'Carson Palmer Rule' about not hitting quaterbacks late after they have released the pass. Steelers won the game 31-17, and Steelers went onto win SB40 defeating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. To fix CP's knee they used a 'cadaver' (deceased human). On 17 December 2009 Chris Henry dies in a car accident (he fell from a moving truck). So, is this pointing towards a Arizona Cardinals over Pittsburgh Steelers SB52, it seems the SB52 year will be the last year of that CP 9-year contract

    1. I am thinking Tampa Bay vs New England

      Super Bowl is being hosted in Minnesota.
      Vikings = 37
      Buccaneers = 37
      Patriots = 37

      Continues the black vs white narrative, makes Brady the best QB of all time surpassing Joe Montana.

      Thomas Edward Brady, Jr = 209
      Joe Clifford Montana, Jr = 209

      Tom Brady = 98
      Joe Clifford Montana = 98

    2. I actually like that thought I dint it's gonna be Vikings vs colts

  6. Rfg predicted vikings colts super bowl as well

  7. Rfg predicted vikings colts super bowl as well

  8. Purple and Gold, eh? Much like the cat who was killed in Baton Rogue, home of the Purple and Gold LSU Tigers, who some are predicting to have an excellent year and perhaps a playoff run if they can get over that Bama hump.

    Keep an eye out for them this year.


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