Tuesday, July 5, 2016

51 60 88 123 | Actor Frank Grillo and how the Purge 3 movie incorporates elements of Trump & Hillary


Checkout the 'CC' name on this author.

The actor Frank Grillo at his current age is interesting for a number of reasons.

Notice Frank Grillo is 51-years old in light of his name gematria.

Conspiracy = 51/60/123

Further, notice that he was born June 8, written 6/8 or 8/6.

Donald John Trump = 68 (Barack Obama = 68)
Trump's Business  Career began in 68
The tallest tower named after him is 68-floors tall
Hillary Clinton is currently 68-years old

How do people not see the way things are orchestrated?  It is always so obvious.  You have to really make a point to turn your head the other way.

If you haven't seen my other post on the purge and its July 1st release, check it out here:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/06/44-106-purge-election-year-june-10.html

Here's another interesting article as well.


In the film, a woman ends up winning the Presidency.  Her name is 'Senator Charlie Roan', having gematria matching 'Trump'.

When the film begins, the song 'Give up the Funk' by Parliament and George Clinton is playing.

'Give up the Funk' has a connection to 'Woman'.  In the film a woman is elected President... and of course Hillary Clinton is running.  She is born on October 26, the day that leaves 66-days left in the year.

6/14/46 = 6+14+46 = 66 (Donald Trump's birthday)

The name George Clinton also has a connection to 'Hillary Rodham'.



  1. Frank Anthony Grillo -- F A G -- here we go again, lol!

    Why are Contrived Coincidences such as this "acceptable" -- but Gematria & Truth (like in the Truthiracy video you posted) are NOT? It boggles the mind ... :D;D

  2. In Merica the masters conditioned their victims by feeding them lies 24/7/365 with media,religion, holidays, history, laws and sex.
    These subjects are walking, living and breathing batteries that will eventually burn out.
    All of US are tasked with spreading the truth and raising the consciousness. All we have is these back doors and sub tunnels like in the matrix. We can I for others but it's up to them to find US. Everyone goes through a depress state when you first wake up but just think how POWERFUL you really feel knowing the truth!!!
    Gematria is only scratching the surface of what's behind door number 3. I'm looking for door #1 by any means necessary.

    1. Yes -- The Truth IS Empowering! GEMATRIA IS THE KEY TO *ALL* HIDDEN DOORS -- it is the REAL Meaning behind "The Truth And The Way".

      Without GEMATRIA, we're ALL subject to being mislead by the layers upon layers of Disinformation that they've spent Centuries Creating -- especially that which is specifically designed to delude "Anyone who gets Too Close".

      GEMATRIA is the ONLY PROVEN, DEFINITIVE METHOD for DISCERNING Fact from Fiction ... & ... luckily for us, we were shown this path BEFORE wasting too much precious time & energy on their "Crafted Esoteric LIES".

      The Numbers Never Lie ...
      We ALL Thank You Zach!! ;D:D


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