Monday, August 8, 2016

88 | Trump's tax plan unveiled on August 8, 2016 (Trump by the numbers)

What a joke, August 8, or 8/8?  Tax plan?  Trump?   Think about what that number represents, the infinite loop, or in this case, the infinite loop of election time trap issues, such as Republicans and taxes.  As I continue to say, everything about Trump is by the numbers.


  1. 8/8/16 - 11/8/16. 93 days. 93 seems to be showing up a lot.

    1. Good work.
      Saturn = 93
      Propaganda = 93
      It's one of those often present numbers.

  2. Here's my tax plan...I'm not going to do any work so I guess they won't really be able to collect anything off of 0.

    I don't negotiate with terrorists. Uncle Sam is the only terrorist here. Capitalism is Communism is all bullshit propaganda fiction.
    The United States of Fiction.
    50 Shades of Brown
    George W
    The W stands for Wells
    Mork calling Orson
    Fuck u Orson
    Jonah and the Prince of Wales
    Alex Jonas knows
    Timmy fell down the well, go get help Lassie!

    Martians are attacking folks, the gubmint new world order reptilian aliens..oh wait it was just a hoax.

    I've seen this show before. It's called The Fresh Nigerian Prince of Bad Belly Air. It smells stupid.

    I refuse to cooperate any further with these unreasonable demands on my time and peace of mind. I'm really bored with getting pissed on aren't you?

    Why work when all it gets me is more bills to pay? Why pay them, they just come back next month, and the month after that....
    If this is the best civilization can do then I am not impressed.
    Let America Slack, she's going to whether u like it or not. Fuck it. Prisoners free!

    Know when to fold them people, jeez.

  3. interrupted 14 times during his speech. we are 14 days away from that 8/22 date.

  4. 1. Donald Trump and 333: 333 Bay Street Canada This would be the tallest building in Canada.
    2. Trump Royale in Miami will have 333 Condo units.
    3. Trump Main Plaza has 555 rooms.
    4. Trump attended Choate Rosemary Hall High School which has a 333 address: scroll down one inch...daughter Ivanka also attended 333 Christian Street , Wallingford Connecticut.
    5. Trump and Masonic handshake = (on page 417)
    6. Restoration of Masonic Temple by Trump next to his Denver tower = "like the previous developers Trump intends to develop the Moorish EL Jebel Masonic Temple next door"
    The temple was built in 1906 by the Baerresen brothers...the kookiest architects of early Denver. scroll 40%
    7. Ivana Trump has allegedly been involved in the Madonna in- famous Kabbalah group or cult.
    8. Trump had a 333 foot long yacht: He bought the yacht from notorious Iran Contra billionaire Adnan Kashoggi.
    9. Trump is building a Hotel in Dubai shaped like a Golden Lotus
    10. The Golden Lotus is an occult symbol: It is associated with the cult of Osiris and Horus whose one eye is the Eye on the Pyramid.
    11. Trump has 33 Developments ongoing worldwide as you read this...the Freemasonic power number

  5. HYATT HOTELS (owned by billionaire Pritzker family)
    1. The tallest building in China is the Jin Mao Tower. It has 88 Floors.
    2. The building contains a Hyatt Hotel That has 555 rooms.
    3. The address is 88 Century Boulevard:
    4. It is capped by a pyramid and has eye designs typical of illuminist structures.
    '88' is neo nazi code or slang for Heil Hitler. The 'H' being the 8th letter of the alphabet. So we have a building that is Code for Heil Hitler in its floors and street address. '555' is or was Adolf Hitler's Nazi party number. The pyramid and eye designs in the building speak for themselves - simply look at a $1. Dollar USA bill in your wallet or if you have USA currency available.
    5. Other Hyatt Structures: 333 West Kilborn Avenue Milwaukee.
    333 - Park Hyatt , San Francisco:
    555 - Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf
    666 - Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.
    LA QUINTA HOTELS: 1 S. 666 OakBrook Terrace Illinois
    Sheraton Manhattan has 666 rooms
    Sheraton Imperial in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has the largest meeting space of any hotel there: 666 sq. meters.
    A guest at this Sheraton found the existence of a room "666" to be "weird".
    Starwood Company owns the Sheraton. La Quinta Corporation owns La Quinta Hotels. The largest shareholder of both is Wellington Management Company. The Hyatt chain is controlled by the Pritzker family except the Grand Hyatt in Dubai which is owned by the Sheikh of Dubai.

  6. The Pritzker Prize is awarded in recent years to architects that create bizzare designs. This is the most prestigious prize in the field of architecture. A recent example of this is The Dancing Towers of Dubai being designed by a Pritzker Prize winning architect.
    Very Little at all is known about Wellington is a private company led by Perry Traquina. Very little is available on this gentleman. Here is what is available: odd campaign contributions / Mr. Traquina is a graduate from and now trustee of Zionist Brandeis University
    There thus appears to be between Traquina and Pritzker a Zionist link between virtually all 'Hell's Hotels'. Brandeis was allegedly an agent of the Rothschilds.
    Former US Supreme Court Justice Brandeis remains are buried at the Portico of Brandeis University. ECONOLODGE Reno Nevada 666 N. Wells Avenue
    Edgewater Hotel Wisconsin 666 - Elvis stayed here with his entourage. This hotel in fact appears to be a music 'Illuminati' hangout: Bob Marley, died of cancer that spread from his toe, Warren Zevon, chronic uncontrolled alcoholic drank at the Hotel's Cove Bar, Liberace - died of AIDS, Elvis OD'ed on drugs, Sammy Davis Jr., a member of the Church of Satan also was a guest. NO ONE SEEMS TO NOTICE ANYTHING ODD ABOUT THE ADDRESS.
    MARRIOT - 333 Hotels and numerous 333 555 addresses as well. It is run by Mormons. Simply google the name and the respective numbers to come up with a slew of Hotel sites with these odd combinations.
    The following link provides the explanation for the numbering phenomenon. It is linked to Donald Trump's Lotus Hotel. Marks appearing in the form of a Lotus appeared in an ancient occultists body after an initiation ceremony. This began the tradition that those involved in witchcraft and sorcery had a 'mark' on their body that claimed them as the servants of evil forces. This is where the addresses come in . Think about the Jin Mao Tower. The biggest murderer in history Mao linked to Adolf Hitler Numerology by a Zionist billionaire...that says it all, does it not?

  7. Those passages above original to me; found them years ago but could find the links anymore ....

    just spreading along ...

    Few others

    sorry for the wall of text dump btw


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