Thursday, August 25, 2016

88 | Heroin laced with elephant tranquilizer is causing ODs in Ohio, August 25, 2016 news

This headline is about 'Heroin', or 'H' as it is commonly called.  H is the 8th letter.

Poison = 88; Program = 88; H = 8

Heroin = 42

This news is a public service announcement that our government has flooded the streets with heroin in recent years, and to also remind us of the Prince and 'fentanyl' connection.  I'm sure 'fentanyl' sales are already peaking.


  1. Found this strange article that came out 2 years 26 days or 757 days or 108 weeks 1 day before this piece. It is about elephants addicted to herione being weened off the drug and returned to the wild. I only bring it up because 757 days isblike 75+57=132 and the elephants got addicted by eating

    Herione Laced Banana(s)---132,(151)

    Which is an odd sync up to me.

    1. OD=19, 114
      ODS=38, 144J

      88 ×ODS(38)=3344=33+44=77

      Eighty Eight ODS=161=16+61=77

      Dumbo-55, 330
      Dumbos-74, 444


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