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34 51 52 67 71 144 223 | The death of Dwayne Wade's cousin and the upcoming 2016-17 NBA Season

It is no question why the detail of a woman pushing a 'stroller'.  This is a coded story for the upcoming 2016-17 NBA Season and a tribute to Dwayne Wade who just joined the local Chicago Bulls.

This shooting comes 144-days before Dwayne Wade's upcoming 35th birthday.

Remember when Jordan exited in his last game against the Philadelphia 76ers, as a member of the Washington Wizards?  With 1:44 left.

This upcoming NBA season will be the 71st all-time.  The worst was in 1946-47.

Making matters even better, from his 34th birthday to the date of his cousin's death, is a span of 223-days.

It coming 223-days after his 34th birthday is symbolic.

4/21/2016 = 4+21+(2+0+1+6) = 34

In February when I predicted Prince might die soon, after the death of Vanity, I said to lookout for the number '67'.  Prince ended up dying in a span of 67-days from Vanity, having a June 7 birthday.  This number now connects to Dwayne Wade, who joined the Chicago Bulls, July 6, a date often written 6/7.  '67' is a number for blood sacrifice.

From the day he joined to the team, to the death, was 51-days later.

Freemason = 51; Cleveland = 51; Michael = 51; Federal = 51.... Area 51?  Conspiracy?  Federal?

It was also a total span of 52-days, the number of prophecy.  That ties in with the name 'Chicago Bulls' and the date Dwayne Wade signed with them.

7/6/2016 = 7+6+20+16 = 49

Wade's cousin was killed from 'Crossfire'.

Revelation is the 66th Book of the Bible.  Notice also the 1-month and 21-days.  Revelation = 49/121

Revelation is the book of prophecy.

If the Bulls make it to the NBA Finals in the following season, upsetting LeBron and the Cavs, remember this.  The NBA season begins in a span of 61-days from the date of the murder of Wade's cousin.  She died August 26 and the NBA season begins October 25, 2016.

Basketball = 85; 8-weeks 5-days

The most recent NBA Finals were decided on June 19, 2016, a date with '61' numerology.  The Warriors and Cavs met in Game 7, both coming in with 610-points each.  610 is the the 15th Fibonacci number, and it was the final game of the '15-'16 season.

This year the season begins on a date with '71' and '51' numerology, October 25, 2016.

10/25/2016 = 10+25+20+16 = 71 (71st season of the NBA) (Nykea Aldridge = 71)–17_NBA_season

Can Wade bring an NBA Finals to his hometown?

Recall, Cleveland became the first team to win a Game 7 on the road since 1978, emphasis on '78.

Nykea = 5+7+2+5+1 = 20/29
Aldridge = 1+3+4+9+9+4+7+5 = 42 (February) (Nigger) (Zionism) (Freemason)
Nykea Aldridge = 62/71 (71st NBA Season)

Nykea = 14+25+11+5+1 = 56
Aldridge = 1+12+4+18+9+4+7+5 = 60 (Nigger)
Nykea Aldridge = 116 (Powerful) (Country) (911 upside down)

Notice her time of death, 3:30, a lot like '33'.  In military time, it is 15:30, a lot like '153', the number paired so often with '42'.

'33' is the number purposefully coded into many false flag shootings reported in the media for the sake of the ongoing gun control agenda.  On July 13, 2016, or 13/7, Wade spoke at the ESPY's about gun violence, referencing the many '33' based hoax shootings reported in recent years.  That date July 13, or 13/7, connects back to '33' as well.

The '33' agenda is a federal agenda.

And here's a big '33' right now.

As for her age of '32', that is the 'America' number, and hopefully, this is just propaganda for a nation, and a storyline for Dwayne Wade's scripted 2016-17 NBA Season (meaning no one really died).

If it is a made up story, or even if it is a real sacrifice, the reason a woman was chosen, no doubt, is for the connection to '66'.

Last, the shooting happening on the 'south side', might be a tribute to where Dwayne Wade played college ball, at Marquette, in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin also has a connection to 'shooting' and 'kill'.

We just saw the race based shooting out of Milwaukee Wisconsin, Sylville Smith:

UPDATE:  Now here comes CNN's story...

CNN's ticker is no coincidence.

Even a 46 second story.

'45' is another Illinois number.

'46' also connects to the 108-year drought team.  108-seams on a baseball by the way.

And with regards to Wade come to Chicago after 13-seasons in Miami, the numbers also connect.

Pastor Jolinda Wade forms gematria of the homicide code, 187.

Her name also connects to today's date, August 26, 2016.

8/26/2016 = 8+26+20+16 = 70

Pastor Jolinda Wade = 79 (S-Exception); Murder = 79

There's also this.


  1. Well another sacrifice and another bump for Dwayne...

  2. Lol u think Bulls can make finals

  3. A team with a washed up wade a washed up rondo aint making the finals.

    But this is def a sacrifice I guess it was wade turn to make one

    1. Sacrifice for what though? Bulls ain't making it to the Finals.

    2. When have we seen a superstar's family member get sacrificed and win a championship? Maybe it was just a sacrifice for him signing with the Bulls?

  4. Nice work. Can't help but notice that "Dwayne Wade" =42 shares a birthday with "Muhammad Ali" =42. Aldridge =42. Cassius Clay =42 died on 6/3. Dwayne Wade =630. Aldridge was shot in "Parkway Gardens" =163, the 38th prime to bring it full circle.

  5. Wade 2 years 47! Million

    Welcome to New jerUSAlem

  6. I misread that namee as "Dwayne Wayne" a character from the tv show "A Different World"
    Then I started thinking about why so many serial killers are given the middle name Wayne.
    I think it may have something to do with the moon.
    A Waning (wayning) moon is getting smaller. Less light
    A waxing moon gets bigger, more light

    How many words/names have an x in them? Not many
    X =10
    X-ray, allows u to see/photograph parts of body hidden from your view.

    Looking at army call signs
    Wayne would be:

    The last 2 letters November Echo makes me think of JFK "trajedy"
    11 22 63
    Seems like theres some sort of word voodoo/code/spell going on with that.

    1. Considering most serial killers supposedly work on a Lunar Cycle, you are probably onto something. Wayne also has that 23 reduction, so sex usually plays in and as far as Luciferian math goes, 23+32=55...23 also reps the Devil. 23 is one of those fucked up numbers that I don't completely understand, because it shows up often.

      But Waning Moons and Bloodlust are hand in hand always in popular fiction.

      Have you ever read Red Dragon?

    2. No, I never read it, but looking it up just now it sounds pretty interesting. The name Francis Dolarhyde like dollar hide? Funny wordplay.
      His working at the film processing plant reminds me of the Robin Williams movie where he stalks the family after obsessing over their pictures.
      Those William Blake pictures sort of look like Moth Man.

      Regarding the moon, I think the killers cutting up their during a full moon could be a refrence to the way the moon gets "chopped up" as it wanes getting smaller each night till it disappears.
      Plus the werewolf thing.

    3. I'd like to know this as well, for my own personal reasons. I was born on the 23rd of sep, and my last name adds up to 55, 32+23.

  7. freaks come out at night.
    MJ's thriller
    Twilight zone
    Dawn of the dead
    Bad moon rising
    Werewolf in London
    Teen wolf
    Mac tonight

  8. Great work. Just one question how is the word "nigger" relevant?

  9. just looking

    If you are offended, then this blog is not for you.
    Nigger has a numerogical value that is used when coding news stories or headlines that involve African Americans. Not intended to offend! You will need two things to survive here.

    1. Seek truth at all cost
    2. Open mind to absorb information in a way that's new and sometimes hurtful.

    If not " Keep looking " lol


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