Tuesday, August 23, 2016

84 99 108 112 216 | The reason 'Houston' signed Yulieski Gurriel, July 17, 2016 "by the numbers"

Depending on where you look, this man's last name is spelled two different ways, 'Gurriel' and 'Gourriel'.

Yulieski = 39/48/57/111/*666, English Gematria (Prophecy = 666, Jewish Gematria)
Gurriel = 45/90
Gourriel = 51/105

Yulieski Gurriel = 84/93/102/201 (Born in '84)
Yulieski Gourriel = 90/99/108/216

By surveying sports reporting on this man, it seems that most writers are going with the 'Gurriel' spelling, just like this article from SI.  His full name using this spelling sums to '112', like 'Houston' and like the year of the World Series we're in.

In Spring Training, I said the Astros might very well be the team to face the Cubs in the 112th World Series this year, where the Cubs are trying to break the 108-year old curse, the number that corresponds with how many stitches are in a baseball.

We'll see if he ends up playing against the Cubs when the Astros and Cubs square off, September 9-11, 2016:  http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2016/08/13-45-99-119-astros-cubs-september-9-11.html#comment-form

Illinois = 99 (September 9)


Notice his birthday, June 9, a date that can be written 6/9 or 9/6.  Freemason = 96

6/9/1984 = 6+9+19+84 = 118
6/9/1984 = 6+9+1+9+8+4 = 37
6/9/84 = 6+9+84 = 109

Cuba = 3+21+2+1 = 27
MLB = 13+12+2 = 27

From his birthday until the start of the 112th World Series, is a span of 139-days.  
Freemasonry = 139


  1. Thank you Zach for doing this. I appreciate you taking the time and following my suggesstion.

  2. Thank you Zach for doing this. I appreciate you taking the time and following my suggesstion.

  3. I have two more good ones for you:

    1. Sept 27, 2016 dollar and bank collapse possibilty... Anything u can find out on this?

    2. WWE - having a four way match for the Universal heavyweight title next Monday in Houston at Honda Center. Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Big Cass are partcipants. I think this links to SB and WS possibly... Im wondering if any of these participants have gematria coordinating with the four teams... SB Each representing each conference, two afc and two nfc... WS would be two from NL and two from AL. I think WWE is linked to a lot of future events. I notice how it has gotten lots of press as well from ESPN and shows up on the ticker as well. Just last night the ticker had Finn Bailor relinqushing the title due to torn labrum and will be out 2-3 months hencr the match next week for new champ... This is not a coincidence.

    WWE - they also have a puerto rican based tag team called the Shining Stars and their gimmick is to get everyone to Puerto Rico to visit... I think this is foretelling something as Puerto Rico is in massive economic turmoil with HUGE debt. Perhaps when Puerto Rico falls so does the nation.

    I know this is a lot of info but I am a very smart man. Please take this serious and perhaps truth will be revealed.

    Thank you brother.

    1. I like that WWE narrative. 4 man, 4 teams. The last two standing will be WS or SB bound.

    2. here's your daily dose of 9/11 predictive programming courtesy of WWF.


    3. in regards to Sept. 27 check out Dan 9/27 in the bible(s). I'll leave the link below.


  4. @zack

    There's that EL no matter how it's spelled.

  5. Thanks Jayhawk... Wwf was very foreshadowing. Crazy!
    I dont understand if Dan verse answers the dollar or bank collapse though.


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