Tuesday, August 30, 2016

33 107 | 'Surprise meeting' for Donald Trump with Mexican President, August 31, 2016 (Wednesday morning)


A president meeting with someone running for President?  Only in the very strange ongoing Trump media saga.  Remember the significance of the gematria of 'Mexico'.

Mexico = 33; Mexican = 33; False Flag = 33


  1. "Military" = 107
    "Operation Anthropoid" = 107
    "Sixth Zionist Court" = 107

    "One Hundred Seven" = 74, 83, & 173

  2. I called it the Mexican narrative for Drumpf

    Nate Diaz fight
    Nick Diaz
    El chapo threats
    Juan Gabriel
    Selma hyek stance on trump
    Trump wall

  3. and the juan gabriel memorial to be held at "The X" In Ciudad Juarez

  4. Juárez Mayor Héctor González Mocken said Tuesday the city is ready to honor Gabriel, either at the Plaza de la Mexicanidad, where "The X" stands, or at El Punto, where Pope Francis celebrated a historic Mass in February.

  5. this must connect // http://www.elpasoproud.com/news/local/el-paso-news/pope-delivers-prompt-message-at-el-punto

  6. @rob miles
    From February 18th till the 30th yesterday
    6 months and 13 days lol

    195 days total

  7. Interestingly there changing our £5 notes over here in the Uk on 13/9/16.

    Soo Masonic.... 139 = Freemasonry

    13+9+16 = 38. (Change) (Death?)
    13+9+20+16 = 58 (Freemasonry)

    The new Notes are going to be Polymer (Plastic)... Polymer = 41... Is this a tribute to a new king?

    Winston Churchill will be on the back with the phrase " I have nothing to offer but blood toil tears and sweat" = 199 = 46th Prime Number. 46 = Sacrifice.

    Also at the top of the note there is what looks like a wheel spoke with the letters in each spoke spelling Belinhiem = 41/68. King 41/86

    Looking at the back of the note... Queen Elizabeth take center stage as usual. Next to her is Elizabeth tower (Big Ben).

    The Picture behind her head is hard to make out online, looks like a boat on the sea with the English coat of arms on it then underneath maybe the houses of parliament, also looks like an ancient Greek temple haha.

    I've always wondered why our bank notes are nowhere near as masonic as your dollar bills, your dollar bills are so obvious i dont know how americans dont see it!

    They say Freemasonry is controlled through the UK as well so i would have thought we'd have more obvious signs of it on our notes.

    Have a look into it when its released Zach, you could probably dive deeper into it then me, i was wondering if they might have hinted to the passing of Elizabeth, the ship on the sea definitely looks symbolic to me.

  8. There's some comical story running on Yahoo right now about a woman who shot a man who wouldn't hold the door open for her at a McDonald's? What the heck?

    1. Symbolic of the right brain tired of taking shit from the left brain is my guess.

      If u detach from the idea that this shit is real in the way we have been taught to think of it, you start to see things in a different light and it's fun.

  9. Trump fake assassination today in Lotus Land?

  10. He may finally earn his "medal of honor" today!

  11. Interestinng AP is running this story on how a candidate's death could delay or eliminate the election.


  12. trump is taking a helicopter from airport mexico to presidential palace... doesnt look good .. http://m.ranker.com/list/famous-people-who-died-of-helicopter-crash/reference

    1. "Donald Trump Helicopter Accident" = 137 [33rd Prime]

    2. Trump Chopper Crash" = 102 & 228 <===

      "Death" = 228 J

      "Donald Trump meets Pena Nieto" = 110
      "President" = 110

      "Trump meets Nieto" = 213 <===

    3. this better than sports!! we may be on point with this


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