Sunday, August 14, 2016

33 59 74 | Milwaukee police shooting victim identified as Sylville Smith according to mother Mildred Haynes

Look at the name of this young man, it sums to '59'.

The name Sylville has a second connection to 'kill' as well.

Sylville = 1/10+7+3+4+9+3+3+5 = 35/44

Kill = 11+9+12+!2 = 44
Shooting = 44; Officer = 44; Sheriff = 44; Trooper = 44; Department = 44

Notice the name of the mother as well.

The name 'Smith', also has gematria of '33'.

Smith = 1/10+4+9+2+8 = 24/33
Sherman = 1+8+5+9+4+1+5 = 33

In Pythagorean Gematria, the mother's name also stands out, as well as her initials.

M = 13
H = 8
Shooting on 13/8

Mildred = 4+9+3+4+9+5+4 = 38 (Death)
Haynes = 8+1+7+5+5+1/10 = 27/36
Mildred Haynes = 65/74 (Masonic = 74) (Jewish = 74)


  1. Off topic, but ya gotta love how the Boston Red Sox player named Mookie Betts had his 2nd 3 home run game of the season today. 2nd 3hr day (33). In US slang "moke" is generally a racist term referring to a dark-skinned person, and it’s very distinct from mook, which has no racial implications. Still, I find it funny.

    1. The games are 75 days apart
      World Series =57

  2. Wow. I mean just wow. You want to talk about stamping a number. This is ridiculous.

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  4. My son sounds like Mason. I notice that she said it twice.

    "My son is gone due to the police killing my son," she said Sunday.

  5. Now I know why 'Agent Smith' was the main villain in the 'Matrix' movies... 33.

  6. the image looks to be photoshop. His thumb should have the same source of light as the right side of his face. his thumb should not be that dark.The gun seems strange too. The light source looks artificial. hmmmm.... looks fishy to me