Wednesday, July 26, 2017

13 44 91 99 188 | $10 billion investment in Wisconsin by Foxconn, Apple provider out of Taiwan

Just yesterday Derek was showing me pictures of his house in Wisconsin, and when he told me the price, I couldn't believe how inexpensive.  I joked I was going to sell my house and buy three of his in the same neighborhood to start the first truthseekerville block.

Then boom, today, major investment in Wisconsin.

That means I won't be able to get 3 houses anymore, just 2.  Which is good news for Derek at least!

Foxconn, eh?  Fox = 666 (In more ways than one)


Foxconn = 91

When you add 1 through 13, it totals 91.  Notice it says 13,000 new jobs...

Today is Trump's 188th day in office, 187-days after taking office.

Bavarian Illuminati = 188

Established May 1, 1776.  5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99 (Thirteen) (United States of America)

Wisconsin = 44; Forty Four = 99

Remember, Wisconsin was the state when called for Trump, that caused the election to be called for Trump.  Also notice Paul Ryan, from Wisconsin, is on the front page in a separate story as well.


Taiwanese = 43
7/26/2017 = 7+26+(2+0+1+7) = 43

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