Friday, July 28, 2017

47 88 133 257 | Reince Priebus out as Chief of Staff, John Kelly in, more news by the numbers +November 13, 2016 to July 28, 2017

More from The Apprentice reality TV President, with a free side of Twitter.

The Donald = 83; 83, the 23rd prime; Donald = 23; Chief = 23
97, the 25th prime; Trump = 25

Forty-Four = 144
The United States of America = 144
Trump, the 44th person to be President
Reince Priebus was 44-years old when he was nominated

It was November 13, 2016 that Trump named the then 44-year old Priebus as his Chief of Staff.  See my work from that day:

Keep in mind November 13 was the 318th day of 2016, and Priebus is born on March 18, the 77th day of the year, our numbers having to do with Pi, the Bible, Jesus Christ, and D.C.

November 13 also leaves 48-days left in the year.  Donald Trump = 48; Freemason = 48

Today's news, July 28, 2017, comes 257-days after the November 13 announcement.

The Art of the Deal = 257

It was also 189-days after Inauguration Day, exactly 27-weeks.

Remember, Trump was named President Elect on the 27-year anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall.  3x3x3 = 27

Trump, winner of the 58th Presidential Election.

Donald John Trump = 220

Reince has been replaced on his 133rd day of being 45-years old, serving the 45th President.

3/18/72 = 3+18+72 = 93

It was also 132-days after his birthday.

United States of America = 132
England = 132
132 rooms at the White House
33x4 = 132

As for John Kelly, not be confused with John Kerry, this move comes 11-weeks and 2-days from his 67th birthday, May 11, or 5/11.  Don't forget Trump's Presidential campaign was 511-days long...

Saturn = 511 (Magic Square of Saturn sums to 45)

The Synagogue of Satan = 79
79, the 22nd prime number

211, the 47th prime; Trump = 47; President = 47; White House = 47

John Kelly is 67-years old.

John Francis Kelly = 74/88; Trump = 88/47
Francis = 119; Donald = 119
John = 47; Trump = 47; Authority = 47

Also, beyond the numbers, this is the Department of Homeland Security, now becoming the Chief of Staff, for the police state President, as I've explained sine day one.  On the campaign trail he said he wanted stop and frisk.  Stop and frisk!


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