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33 48 223 | Super Bowls 47-51, how they were scripted reminders +Super Bowl 52 & remember 33 and 48

Super Bowl Forty Eight = 96; Divisors of 42 sum to 96; 42nd State won

The 48th Super Bowl on the 33rd day of the year.  1+3+11+33 = 48 (Divisors of 33)

Super Bowl 48 was won by the Seahawks.

We see 33 and 48 come together often.  Here's two notable examples, that have a lot do with one another.

Sex = 33/48
Hollywood = 33/48

The final score of Super Bowl 48 was 43-8, in favor of the winning Seahawks.

The MVP was Malcolm Xavier Smith, for Seattle.

Notice his full name sums to 82 like 'Seattle'.  The same is true with 107.

107 is the 28th prime; Seattle = 19/28/82

Seattle = 44

It was Super Bowl 48, the 44th of the modern era.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found dead that day with 44 bags of heroin.  Ever since about that time, there has been a major heroin epidemic in Washington State, and the nation.

The game began at 3:30 on the 33rd day of the year.  Super Bowl 48 was the first ever played on the 33rd day of the year.  Seahawks = 33 (Reduction, K-Exception)

The divisors of 33 sum to 48.

1+3+11+33 = 48

223, is the 48th prime
Masonic = 223 (Is there a 223 coded into this game?)
Freemason = 42/48; Washington is the 42nd State
Masonry = 33

Seattle's QB had 206 passing yards.  Seattle is the (206) area code.

26 attempts (206)

Twenty-Six = 42/48; Freemason = 42/48

The news covered all the "12" coincidences in Super Bowl 48, since Seattle's fans call themselves the 12th man.  Notice 48 is divisible by 12.

Then remember what happened in Super Bowl 49, the next one.

With 21 seconds left, Russell Wilson's 21st pass was intercepted by #21, with 0:21 left in the game.  It was the down 2nd and 1, on the date 2/1.  Wilson finished 12 of 21 on the game.

Twenty-One = 42
Tom Brady became 4-2 all-time in Super Bowls

They could have just run in it with Lynch, like the 49ers Gore could have run it in against Baltimore, in the Harbaugh Bowl, where John from Maryland won Super Bowl 47, the one with the 33 minute blackout, in a scripted finish, and an absurd game.

Maryland = 47
John = 47

John Harbaugh, beat Jim Harbaugh, the first time brothers met as head coaches in a Super Bowl.

To bring us all the way up to the present...

Super Bowl 50 was the race war bowl, as predicted months before it happened, WHITE Broncos over BLACK Panthers.  It had a lot to do with Huey P. Newton

The Broncos won 24-10.

Twenty-Four = 50
Broncos won with 24, and were blown out in Super Bowl by the 49ers 55-10
John Elway and the Broncos were 55-years old when Super Bowl 50 was played

Super Bowl 51 was the 25-point comeback, where I said weeks before the game the Patriots would win, and it was all about 25.

Tom Brady and Bill became 5-2 together on 5/2, or 2/5.

The AFC won its 25th Super Bowl, on 2/5, to close out the 97th season of the NFL.  97 is the 25th prime number.  Bill Belichik = 97; Falcons = 25

Of course there is more, but isn't it enough?

We can figure out the script this year.  It won't be hard with a few weeks of games likely.  We know too much this season.

The upcoming season ends with Super Bowl 52, the 48th of the modern era.  It is the 98th season of the NFL, beginning September 7, 2017.

9/7/17 = 9+7+17 = 33 (Ends with 48th Super Bowl of M.E.)

The game is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the 93rd Meridian.  Minneapolis, Minnesota = 93

Minneapolis = 62; Tom Brady and Bill could become 6-2

2/4/2018 = 2+4+20+18 = 44

98th season, 44 date numerology...

Chosen One = 44/98

Tom Brady = 98; Eli Manning = 98; Patriots = 98

If Patriots beat Giants in a rematch, they'd be 1 and 3, or 33%.

Tom = 48 (Tom, 33% against New York?  New York = 33; England = 33)

York?  England?  Football?  Mockery?

In the AFC it will likely be 1 of 4 teams

Colts (They're saying make or break season for Luck in his 6th)  (Six = 52)

In the NFC it will likely be

Giants (Eli's father played for the Vikings)

Keep a careful eye on headlines connecting to these teams.

For long shot Larry Fitzgerald, it would be a homecoming part, to close out his career.

223, the 48th prime; 48th Super Bowl of modern era

Read why I expect AFC to win Super Bowl 52 here:

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