Friday, July 28, 2017

33 36 74 151 227 | LaVar Ball says female referee should 'stay in her lane', July 28, 2017 +Humble song reminders and what pro spots are really all about

Didn't finish a game?  Walked off the court?

151 is the 36th prime; LaVar = 36

Professional athletes are used to program the children (and everyone else who watches), and often times, it is to program them to be little bitches.  I think this Ball family is ready to set new precedents of what being a bitch is.  I'm sure it isn't a coincidence he is talking big about a female referee.

Don't forget, Humble was the theme song for the past NBA season.

Humble lyrics (NBA Finals 2017 theme song):

Also, as we awesome see, 33 and 74 are paired together in masonic propaganda.  The Cashman Center?  The CC?  The 33?  Cashman Center = 74

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