Thursday, July 27, 2017

13 33 44 69 99 | Pink Floyd and August 21, 2017 solar eclipse in light of "Murder by Numbers" +44-years since Dark Side of the Moon


Freemason = 147; Conspiracy = 123/147
All that you touch = 58; Freemasonry = 58
And all that you see = 57; And all that you taste = 57; Scottish Rite = 57
I didn't go any further...

In light of the song being about an eclipse, and music riddles and deaths with the eclipse ongoing, will we see the death of Roger Waters, David Gilmour, or Nick Mason, the three surviving members of Pink Floyd, as the band is known by most?  Richard Wright, the keyboardist, died September 15, 2008.

He died 49-days after his 65th birthday.  Pink Floyd = 49

The eclipse is 16-days (span of 17) before Water's 74th birthday.

Sixteen = 33
Eclipse = 33

Notice Waters was born on 9/6, or 6/9.

Eclipse = 69
Freemason = 96 (69 on the arch)

The date Dark Side of the Moon released was a date with '96' numerology, in '73, like his current age, 73-years old.

3/1/1973 = 3+1+19+73 = 96

David Gilmour turned 71 169-days before the eclipse, or a span of 170.

13x13 = 169
Thirteen = 99
United States of America = 99

Notice Dark Side of the Moon came out March 1, or 1/3, something like '13'.

Perhaps that album was made with this specific solar eclipse in mind?  It did come out 44-years ago after all.  We know how planned out these people are.  It's all mathematics, the planets and the stars.

Nick Mason turned 73 206-days before the eclipse, or a span of 207.  The eclipse is 159-days before his 74th birthday, reminding of the 15/9, Rick Wright death (Pink Floyd keyboardist).

Out of the names, Nick Mason has the numbers.

Sun = 54
First eclipse of its kind in 99-years
Time = 144; The United States of America = 144; Forty-Four = 144 (44-years since DSOTM)

Rogers Waters has the 67.  Blood Sacrifice = 67

Of the band members, Roger Waters is making headlines right now.

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