Sunday, July 30, 2017

54 93 378 | Every 54-weeks, Saturn reaches its closest point to the earth, and shows most brightly +NASA's July 22, 2013 article on Saturn, 'The day the earth smiled'

You have to love this Saturn chart goes back to '93.

Does this website creator knowing something?

378-days is 54-weeks.  It is every 54-weeks Saturn shows most brightly to the people of earth.

Sun = 54; Love = 54 / 54
Saturn = 93

Notice the event just happened June 15, 2017.  6/15/2017 = 6+15+20+17 = 58 (Planet) (Circle) (Zodiac)

They say the sun is 93 million miles away.

We often see 54 and 93 paired together.

The sun is at the center, Saturn is the 6th planet and most distant to the ancients.  Uranus, the 7th planet, wasn't discovered until 17th century mathematics came around.  If you don't know, the 7th, 8th, and 9th planets were all discovered with mathematical calculations, not telescopes.

Anyhow, that makes the Sun and Saturn bookends of the planets to the ancients.  Recall, the ancients considered the sun, moon and 6-planets (if you count earth), all as planets.  They are now called the classical planets.  This goes back to the Hellenistic Period (93).

I think this explains why SUN = 54.

Planet = 68
Rings = 68
Mathematics = 68
Sacred Geometry = 68

Mathematics = 112
Circle = 112
Sacred = 112

You have to love it, an article about Saturn, with 93 gematria, from NASA, on July 22, or 22/7, our number connecting to Pi, cycles and circles.

7/22/13 = 7+22+13 = 42 (Saturn) (Freemason)

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