Thursday, October 26, 2017

13 67 88 | World Series Game 2 Water Ritual, a second look, October 25, 2017, Astros @ Dodgers

As I said before Game 2 of the World Series was played, the Astros would win, and it was all about water.  When it comes to the elements, water beats fire.

Again, Houston flooded, and LA burned...

October 25, the date of the game, was the day that leaves 67-days left in the year.  The final score ended up being 6-7 in favor of Houston. 

Water = 67

The final pitch of the game was the 25th by Houston's reliever

Flood = 25; Fire = 25

The series was evened at 1-1, with a win in the 11th inning, with #47 pitching.

47 is 4+7 is 11

Checkout what these people caught about 67 and the game...

Beat the Heat = 67

Water beats fire...

It just goes to prove how scripted it all is...

Remember, George Springer is who is on the 2014 SI cover that says Astros are 2017 WS champs.

Amazing... isn't it?

Here were some more stats jerking off the fans...

So the 99th was unlucky...

Thirteen = 99

1 and 3... more 13.

Not to mention the score was 1-3 again, early...

1 and 3...

My girlfriend asked why there were all in blue.


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