Wednesday, October 25, 2017

44 53 67 76 68 89 241 | Fats Domino, dead at 89, October 25, 2017, day after death of Robert Guillaume at age 89

Another black man dead at age 89, on back to back days.  Los Angeles Dodgers = 89

Yesterday it was this man, Robert Guillaume:

Think about how MLK and Malcolm X were both killed by the '44' code.

35.  Eye = 35; #35 is on the mound for Houston tonight...

The man who died yesterday had a birth name of 68, and he died on the date leaving 68-days left in the year.  Today it is a man with a birth name of 67, and dead on the day leaving 67-days left in the year.

Antoine Domino = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67 / 76

Notice the emphasized 'blueberry hill' above...

Caskets go 6' deep, are 8' long.

His February 26 birthday connects to Saturn.

Two Hundred Twenty-Six = 93

Notice how his song 'Going to the River' connects.

And this being related with the World Series, he died in HARVEY, LA.  Louisiana knows about man-made flooding the same way Houston does after Harvey.

*October = 111

He died 241-days after his birthday, which is the 53rd prime number.

He has also died on a date with 52 numerology.

10/25/17 = 10+25+17 = 52; Death = 25 / 52

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