Thursday, October 26, 2017

TNF Discussion Thread | Miami Dolphins @ Baltimore Ravens, October 26, 2017

10/26/2017 = 10+26+20+17 = 73
10/26/2017 = 10+26+(2+0+1+7) = 46
10/26/2017 = 1+0+2+6+(20+17)= 46
10/26/2017 = 1+0+2+6+2+0+1+7 = 19
10/26/17 = 10+26+17 = 53 (53 man NFL roster) (16th prime)
10/26 = 10+26 = 36 (Miami = 36)

Today is October 26, the day leaving 66-days left in the year.

NFL = 66; Baltimore Ravens = 66

Baltimore is a historic city.  In history, the MIAMI SEAHAWKS, became the BALTIMORE COLTS.  Notice ESPN's top story is about the Colts.  Baltimore now has the RAVENS.  *Donald Trump is the Raven, see my past work.

Just on the surface, Dolphins = 43 (A loss would make them 4-3)

If Dolphins win, they'll be 5-2... JFK was killed on a date with 52 numerology...

That over under is just below 38.  Ravens = 38

With the Ravens being close to D.C., and a chance to improve to 4-4 on the date of the release of the JFK information, I'm liking the home team.

Kill = 44
Trump is the 44th person to be President
JFK was the 44th term President; Sagittarius = 144 (Killed on first day of Sagittarius)

*JFK was 35th President (Ravens could fall to 3-5) (Sometimes the numbers are tricky)

Recall, November 10, 2016, Trump was in the White House, LeBron James was in the White House, and the Cleveland Browns were in Baltimore, when the Browns used to be the Ravens... Cleveland lost their team and they became the Ravens to be clear.

Dolphins = 119; Cutler born on 119th day of the year
*Donald = 119 (11/9 trump "winner" announcement)

It's 180-days (span of 181) from Cutler's last birthday.  It is 185-days (span of 186) to his upcoming.

It's 283-days (span of 284) from Flacco's birthday, it's 82-days (span of 83) to his upcoming birthday.

Ravens = 83; Football = 83; Joseph Vincent Flacco = 83

The QB records are as follows:


This will be Flacco's 161st game.  Phi = 1.61

He is at 96 career wins.  Baltimore Ravens = 96

Regular Season:

That 'gunslinger' is something else on the JFK riddle day...

JFK = 54
Dealey Plaza = 54
Jesuit Order = 54

Sagittarius = 144 (JFK killed on first day of Sagittarius)

Is MM a Jesuit?  M M = 13 13 or 4 4

His birthday is August 9, the 221st day of the year.

That is also like 9/8, in the 98th season of the NFL.

Moore = 66 (66-days left in the year)

Moore can get his 16th career win all-time and in the regular season.

That goes with the 53-date-numerology

He could also get his 15th loss all-time.  Fifteen = 38; Ravens = 38

****Cutler is out with these stats...


Cutler could have got 74th win, or 75th loss.

Baltimore Ravens = 66 / 75

This could have been his 148th career game.  Baltimore = 148

It is interesting he is sitting with 73-wins.

Regular Season:

Cutler could have got 73rd win, or 74th loss.

The date does have 73 numerology... but still, too much lines up with Joe.
There are 73 books in the Catholic Bible.

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