Monday, October 30, 2017

World Series Game 6 Discussion Thread, October 31, 2017 +Links to All Game 6 Information

ESPN is signaling Astros... in a BIG WAY. (These are their top 3 stories...)

10/31/17 = 10+31+17 = 58; 58-runs scored through first 5 Games; *Bush = 58

Kirk Gibson and 113th World Series:
The Bush's and Verlander:
317 Minute Game 5 Points to Verlander Closing Out Game 6:
Rich Hill and the 113th World Series:
58-runs in 5-Games:
Bregman's Winning Hit Off #74, on 33rd Pitch:
Justin Verlander to Close Out Game 6:
Game 5 Northeast Storm Mocking:

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