Monday, October 30, 2017

29 48 62 223 | Chiefs beats Broncos, 29-19, MNF, October 30, 2017 +Alex Smith & MNF tribute +Ezekiel Elliot +2017 World Series Connect

Notice the combined 48-points.  They were also sure to stop the clock with 48 seconds left at the end.

This is another endorsement for Alex Smith.

*223, the 48th prime
National Football League (22 letters, 3 words)

Football = 29; Cowboys = 29 (Big news for a Cowboys as game is ending...)

In history, the Dallas Texans became Kansas City Chiefs

*Chiefs improve to 6-2 on day leaving 62-days left in the year
*Got to do more work on over / under

At the same time this game concludes with 48-points.... this is happening...

Here are some baseball parallels.

K = 11; C = 3... 113th World Series

Remember, World Series began in California on the 88-year anniversary of the beginning of the stock market collapse, October 24, 1929.  California = 88; Trump = 88

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