Saturday, October 28, 2017

27 31 34 35 41 52 53 | World Series Game 4 Discussion Thread, LA @ HOU +Game 3 Notes

Those of you who asked in the comments who would win yesterday for Game 3, you make my head hurt.  Did you read the information in the post?  I said in 3 different ways, why it would be the Astros.  If you know what I've been saying since Harvey on, its all about the flood.  When the date lines up with the flood, you don't need to ask me who is winning.  You're either grasping the work, or you're not.  I only wrote things in favor of Houston yesterday, I'm finding out who has brains that function, and those that don't.  And for anyone who is hurt by my words, you know my MO.  I'm not nice about idiocy, and I'm on the record saying I live in a society of worthless fucking retards, so don't prove me right.

Flooding = 35

Peacock's 35th strike was his 53rd pitch to close out the game yesterday, 3-5.

Peacock = 27 / 54
Baseball = 27 / 54
On the 27th

He made 11 outs, tying the World Series record for the length of a close, 3 and 2/3 innings.

I think this Series either ends 4-1, or 4-3.  (*Peacock wore #41)

If it ends 4-1, it is because LA is in it.  LA = 41; LA = 13

As for why 4-3, it would be all about Harvey and the Elements, water in Houston, fire in LA.

If the series is evened at 2-2, that is "22" for this study, the 'Master Builder' number which we have talked about.

Master Builder = 147
World Series = 147
*Houston Astros = 147

Tonight's pitcher for Houston is 15-days from his birthday.

Remember, he pitched Game 7 of the ALCS with a 10.13 ERA to start...
This is the 113th World Series...

Marty my dude left a comment that he thinks fire is more important than water to the tyrants, but he is wrong.  The flood is one of the most important concepts to Kabbalah.  Look it up.

Kabbalah = 52
The Cabal = 52
Gematria = 52
Tree of Life = 52
Gematria = 52
Talmudic = 52
Earth = 52
Flood = 52

This world Series began 52-days after Houston's first game back in Houston after Harvey, with the Mets Matt Harvey on the mound.  That was the same day Fox News showed the woman saying she felt like she won the World Series.  Plus, you have the 2014 SI cover from George Orwell's birthday, June 25.

BTW, it is #4, Springer, on the cover of the June 25, 2014 SI, with the Astros as the 2017 World Series Champs.

BTW, there is also this...

Houston could go up 3-1 tonight and close it out at 4-1...

The date numerology is as follows:

10/28/2017 = 10+28+20+17 = 75 (World Series = 75)
10/28/2017 = 10+28+(2+0+1+7) = 38
10/28/2017 = 1+0+2+8+(20+17) = 38
10/28/2017 = 1+0+2+8+2+0+1+7 = 21
10/28/17 = 10+28+17 = 55
10/28 = 10+28 = 38

*38 is popping with the date numerology; Fire = 6+9+18+5 = 38

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