Tuesday, February 27, 2018

143 235 | The Federal Reserve, Freemasonry, and Monetary Enslavement Across the Planet

For another of many examples of how synchronicity has entered my life since beginning this research, it was March 13, 2017, 235-days after turning 33-years-old, where I connected the fact that each leg of the Freemason compasses is at 23.5-degrees, the earth’s tropics are at 23.5-degrees, and the tilt of the earth is said to be 23.5-degrees off center, and further, that May 23, or 23/5, was the 143rd day of the year in typical Gregorian years, where ‘Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’ has Reverse Reduction Gematria of 143. It was discoveries such as that which helped increase the clarity of the research, and explain riddles such as why ‘Federal Reserve’ sums to 143 in Ordinal, and 235 in Reverse Ordinal Gematria.

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