Friday, February 23, 2018

223 | CNN goes full on 1984, attacking truth community online who call bullshit on false flag propaganda

Here's some quality February 23, or 2/23 reporting.

The Synagogue oF Satan = 223
Masonic = 223

Watch how the truth is flipped on its head too many times to count.

It's not declining?  It's almost all been entirely censored.

Notice, all of the reporting is based in complete lies.

Free speech should have been stopped?  Listen to CNN.

Then they bring up other hoaxes as if they're historical facts.

And then they even mix in the flat earth psyop, which is only here to discredit the community.

Facebook and Twitter have been censoring in a big way.

We are in a crisis of truth.

And good men are doing nothing, as the tyranny of obvious lies continues.

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