Monday, February 26, 2018

19 25 42 56 95 119 | Mysterious explosion in Leicester, February 25, 2018 +Premier Grand Lodge of England, 301st anniversary 119-days later

42 / 96 / 147
Scottish Rite = 57; England = 57

'Five' are dead from the mysterious explosion in Leicester...

The location of the blast was 'Hinckley' Road.

Notice this observation about Hinkley Point.

And this comes in February.

I can't help but think of the 'Premier' league and the 'Premier' Grand Lodge of London.

Leicester City is 9-9 at the time of the incident.

The explosion came 119-days before the 301-year-anniversary of modern Freemasonry.

17-weeks (Modern masonry began in 1717); Mason = 17

Consider the explosion occurred on the 56th day of the year.

Star of David = 119; Orthodox = 119; Vatican = 119

And further, it was on the 25th...

Fire often captures the mind's eye, and the 25th was the right date for it.


It was a date with a life lesson number of 38.

2/25/2018 = 2+25+(2+0+1+8) = 38

The coordinates of Leicester are as follows.

Here is more reporting on the explosion, from the BBC.

At 19:00... or 7:00 PM.  Chaos = 19; G = 7

For a final note, it was a span of 665-days from Leicester being delcared the champions of the Premier League, May 2, 2016, to the explosion.

Notice that is 95-weeks.

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