Monday, February 26, 2018

19 67 98 144 | Nikolas Cruz, the Stoneman Douglas shooter, the Eagles Super Bowl and Marjory Stoneman Douglas

September 24 leaves 98-days left in the year.  He was born in '98.

This shooting is tied to the Eagles winning the 98th NFL season.

*See my work on how every Eagles championship is "98".  (All 4 to date)

Even better, see how he was born 19-weeks after Marjory Stoneman Douglas died on May 14, which is Israel's Independence Day.  And remember, Marjory Stoneman Douglas was born in Minneapolis, like where the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

Chaos = 19; Nikola Cruz = 67 (19th prime)

AND BEST OF ALL, his 144th day of being 19-years-old was the day of the shooting.

Killer = 67 (Nikolas Cruz = 67)
Killer = 144 (Jewish Gematria)

My book is full of "144th day" killers.... too repetitive...

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