Wednesday, February 21, 2018

48 | David Hogg, the top story on CNN, February 21, 2018 +Attack on "conspiracy theorists"

Yesterday Google deleted all the videos of David Hogg, censoring a lot of YouTube channels in the process, mine included.  The only exception was the Alex Jones channel, which was allowed to keep their video showing David Hogg crisis acting in California and in Florida.  Snopes also added an article attacking the "conspiracy theorists" calling David Hogg a crisis actor.  Anyhow, as I've always said, these children in these psyops are likely the offspring of parents in the government, and here we have a confirmed case, with David Hogg's father being a "retired" FBI Agent.

Anyhow, look at this CNN story this morning...  as if Donald Trump was the beginning of people exposing false flag shootings by the numbers...  it's revisionist history in real time.  Keep in mind I've been here the whole time exposing false flags and Donald Trump's rigged selection.

D. = 4
H. = 8

D.H. = 4.8.
Propaganda = 48

And since when do high school students lead anything that happens on their campuses?  They don't.

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