Saturday, May 31, 2014

31 to 33 | The Ranging Degrees of Masonry, and Edward Snowden, CIA and Dell Contractor

Since January, Edward Snowden has been a regular face on nightly television.  In this past week, his name took a bigger stage when John Kerry called him a coward.  Let's take a quick look at the numerology of John Kerry, before moving on to Edward Snowden, just to remember how encompassing the numerological hoax is that is taking place.  The world is a stage, full of agents.
  • Agent = 1+7+5+14+20 = 47
  • John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
  • Kerry = 11+5+18+18+25 = 77
  • The nation's birthday is the 4th of July, 4/7
  • Washington D.C. is located on the 77th Meridian
  • John Kerry and George W. Bush both are members of Yale's Skull and Bones
  • They were the two candidates for President in the year 2004
  • Bush, the victor, was a "Christian" "Republican" "President"
  • We say this is a "Christian" nation
  • Christian = 3+8+9+9+1+2+9+1+5 = 47
  • Republican = 9+5+7+3+2+3+9+3+1+5 = 47
  • President = 7+9+5+1+9+4+5+5+2 = 47
  • Is it possible Bush and Kerry, were both also CIA?
  • George Bush Sr. was once head of CIA...
Now back to the main topic.

For perspective, Edward "Ed" Joseph Snowden was born June 21, 1983.  He has a life number of 30 and is 30 years old.  In mainstream media, he is currently being used a gimmick to polarize the country with the "engaging" mechanism of releasing "non-important" information.  Some of the nation thinks it is traitorous because of their social programming, some of them think it is courageous because they have at least half a brain and they know that speaking out is so, and others like me realize it is part of a larger hoax, that is about disseminating information to the public, for strategic purposes, while polarizing and dividing segments of society just as is done with religion and race.

The last name "Snowden", which has become a common siting in mainstream publications, has the founding degree of Freemasonry numerology, one that is also a common "life number" for many elites, from Presidents to Oprah.
  • Snowden = 1+5+6+5+4+5+5 = 31
  • It is also my life number
  • 7/21/1983 = 7+2+1+9+8+3 = 31
  • Oprah's birthday was January 29, 1954
  • 1/29/1954 = 1+2+9+1+9+5+4 = 31
It is said that Snowden has worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and private company Dell computers, which was founded by "Michael Dell" in the year 1984. Dell is a company full of "33".  Michael Dell also has a coded 322 in his name, like Skull and Bones and the FBI founding date.  You can read more about Michael Dell here.
  • Dell = 4+5+12+12 = 33
  • Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
It is my belief that people such as Michael Dell, are false identities for CIA/government fronts that make it seems as if these companies are private, when in fact they're controlled by the government and powers that be.  In other words, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Ken Lay, Albert Einstein, and many more, are not who we think the are.  With regards to Albert Einstein, he was born on a date with 33 numerology, and died on a date with 33 numerology.  He also came to the United States from Germany in 1933, and died in the year 1955, when the United States first started vaccinations.

The point is, we're living in an ongoing hoax, where our media and government is conspiring to disseminate false and misleading information to the public through acts of terrorism, false heros, false villains, false shootings, false nightly reports, false afternoon reports, false daily reports, and false journalists and faces on the television and radio, from Katie Couric to Howard Stern.
  • Couric = 3+6+3+9+9+3 = 33
  • Howard = 8+6+5+1+9+4 = 33
The hoax is upon us, and Edward Snowden is part of it.  The proof is in his name and his employers, from the CIA to Dell.  I know you reading this are probably doubting my words, but if you have half a brain, you've also been doubting the mainstream reporting of events from 9/11 to Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombing- all of which have '33' at the center of them, and not by coincidence.